Hastings, Sussex, England


Latitude: 50.854259, Longitude: 0.573453


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DEEPROSE, Alfred  1850Hastings, Sussex, England I5269
2 DEEPROSE, David  1822Hastings, Sussex, England I5216
3 DEEPROSE, Elizabeth E  1852Hastings, Sussex, England I5259
4 DEEPROSE, Henry  1854Hastings, Sussex, England I5214
5 DEEPROSE, James  1850Hastings, Sussex, England I5258
6 DEEPROSE, Louisa  1873Hastings, Sussex, England I5257
7 DEEPROSE, William  1844Hastings, Sussex, England I5267


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DEEPROSE, David  1899Hastings, Sussex, England I5216


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ?, Mes  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5268
2 ?, Mes  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5268
3 BURT, Esther  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5217
4 BURT, Esther  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5217
5 BURT, Esther  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5217
6 DEEPROSE, Alfred  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5269
7 DEEPROSE, Ann   I5270
8 DEEPROSE, Annie  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5252
9 DEEPROSE, David  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5216
10 DEEPROSE, David  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5216
11 DEEPROSE, David  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5216
12 DEEPROSE, David  1891Hastings, Sussex, England I5216
13 DEEPROSE, Ellen  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5251
14 DEEPROSE, Fanny  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5255
15 DEEPROSE, Fanny  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5255
16 DEEPROSE, George  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5265
17 DEEPROSE, Harriet  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5253
18 DEEPROSE, Harriet  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5253
19 DEEPROSE, Henry  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5263
20 DEEPROSE, Henry  1861Hastings, Sussex, England I5263
21 DEEPROSE, Henry  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5214
22 DEEPROSE, James  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5258
23 DEEPROSE, James  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5262
24 DEEPROSE, Joseph  1841Hastings, Sussex, England I5260
25 DEEPROSE, Joseph  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5260
26 DEEPROSE, Joseph  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5266
27 DEEPROSE, Joseph  1861Hastings, Sussex, England I5260
28 DEEPROSE, Joseph  1861Hastings, Sussex, England I5266
29 DEEPROSE, Joseph D  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5254
30 DEEPROSE, Joseph D  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5254
31 DEEPROSE, Louisa  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5257
32 DEEPROSE, William  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5264
33 DEEPROSE, William  1851Hastings, Sussex, England I5267
34 DEEPROSE, William  1861Hastings, Sussex, England I5267
35 DEEPROSE, William D  1871Hastings, Sussex, England I5256
36 DEEPROSE, William D  1881Hastings, Sussex, England I5256