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1 'The Advertiser' recorded that, on 13th March, 1946, she died. The funeral left her residence, 42 Fourth Ave, Cheltenham, for the Cheltenham Cemetery. RANN, Maude Holbrook (I24)
2 'The Advertiser' recorded the marriage on 23rd December, 1914, at the Methodist church, Pt. Adelaide, by the Rev. R. E. Stanley, of Edwin M., youngest son of W. Rundle, to Maude H., eldest daughter of Mrs. and the late J. A. Rann, all of Pt. Adelaide. (From the Rundle family bible.)
Family (F12)
3 Abraham was an accountant in Victoria, and a shipping agent/storekeeper in South Australia. He lived in Port MacDonnell and Mt Gambier. He died at his residence, Prospect Cottage, Mt Gambier. BARRETT, Abraham Field (I621)
4 According to Clive STODART's notes, Elizabeth BRADFUTE was a descendent of Sir Hugh de BRADFUTE of Lamington Castle AD 1279. His daughter married Sir William Wallace. BRADFUTE, Elizabeth (I130)
5 According to Clive STODART's notes, he was Col. Thomas STODART, C.L.F. M.D. T.H.S. STODART, Col. Thomas (I2151)
6 According to Clive Stodart's notes, James was referred to as the 'King of Covington', because of his size and strength. STODART, James (I58)
7 According to Clive Stodart's notes. this is the same family as the singer Jenny Lind. LIND, Marion Helen (I120)
8 According to Clive STODART, she was called 'Gentle Mary'. MURRAY, Margaret (I2049)
9 According to Faith Boxold, Lottie died at Lynton Cottage Hospital, Lynton, North Devon, England. She was living with Wal and Marg, at their present home 'The Falls', 22 Tors Road, Lynmouth, and had a stroke. She was moved to the hospital at Lynton, but rallied a bit and was moved to a home for elderly people. She then had another stroke, from which she died.

There was a flood at Lynmouth in 1952, caused a lot of damage throughout the place, and it undermined the house that mum and dad were living in. They were running a Private Hotel and they and their guests had to take refuge in the upper rooms. All their personal posessions were in the basement which was flooded and filled with rocks and boulders. They lost most everything, only the guests' bedroom furniture was salvagable. Lorna and Len from Bristol came down and did what they could, also Wal from London (?). Mum and dad then went to live in Bristol with Lorna and Len, and it was after this that dad got ill and died. Then mum went to live with Wal and Marg at Lynmouth. Reg and I were in NZ at this time.

Source documents
Letters from Faith Boxold.

SQUIRE, Lottie (I300)
10 According to Faith Boxold, Thomas was born in Essex. He died in the Kingsway Nursing Home, Bishop Road, Bishopston, Bristol, England, having been moved there from 208 Glancuter Road (?) (my sister's home). He had cancer. My sister nursed him as long as she could, but had to move him to Kingsway as it got too much for her. She used to nurse at the Kingsway before she got married. She met her husband Len there whilst nursing. He fell off his motor bike and was admitted with concussion. That is how they met.

Thomas was an ex Sergeant Grenadier Guard 1st Battalian. An 'Old Contemptible' 1914-1918 War.

Source documents
Letters from Faith Boxold.

GILSON, Thomas Isaac (I301)
11 Adam Stodart, the piano-forte maker, introduced his wife's relative, David Wilke at age 19 to the Earl of Mansfield who commissioned him to work on a painting. Eventually, he became Sir David Wilke. WILKE, Agnes (I61)
12 Additional information provided by Hazel TINGATE (Family History of James W and Mary SMITH), and Don McArthur, of Melbourne. MCARTHUR, Peter (I709)
13 An obituary records that Mr. John Rann, an old and respected citizen of Pt. Adelaide, died at his residence, Church Place, Pt. Adelaide on Saturday. He had been ailing about twelve months. In bygone years, he took a prominent interest in athletics. He was one of the founders, with his brother, of the Pt. Adelaide Football Club. He has left a widow, one son and five daughters. (From the Rundle family bible.) RANN, John Albert (I28)
14 Architect. STODART, William (I124)
15 As mentioned in one last issue, we now give a biographical account of the life of the late Rev David Milne, Tatiara's grand old man.
The Rev Milne was born in Rotherhithe, London, on August 27,1827, and was the second son of Mr George Milne, a working cutler in Stepney. These particulars were obtained from the baptismal record of the Scotch Church, St Vincent, Stepney, a copy of which is held by Mrs Milne. His early life was spent at public schools, but as was customary in those days, he was early sent to work, utilising the evenings for advancement in education. Mr Milne tried first the trade of bookbinding, but not suiting him, he next attempted the printing, and must have spent several months at it, for (as we know) he was conversant with the technical terms of the trade appliances. This trade interfered with his health, so he had to leave it, selecting for life that of a shoemaker, for which he served his time.
His young life showed a tendency towards the Church, and from 15 years of age he was an attendant at the Methodist Church, being converted at 18. He became imbued with the spirit of Christianity, and in his spare time visited the Ragged Boy's School as a teacher and preacher of the Gospel. For several years he carried this out, and at 23 he was married to Miss Phoebe Sarah Taylor, of Lambeth Walk, London, in December 1850.
With his wife he decided to emigrate to the Golden Land Australia, and set sail in the Shackamaxon (Mrs Scown snr being a fellow passenger of his) and arrived at Port Adelaide in January 1853. They at once went on to Adelaide, taking the car of those days, the bullock dray, over horribly boggy roads, and spent the first night in Adelaide at the Black Horse Hotel in Leigh Street, now demolished. He at once opened in trade of shoemaker, and later had a general store in King William Street, spending his after hours in preaching and visiting the Hills district. In 1858 he left for Uraidla, there to open in shoemaking, taking into partnership, Mr Wm. Radford, a companion in Christian work. Three years of happy life were spent here, and then the wife died (March 1861) leaving four children alive, 3 dying in infancy. The family then were — Mrs Thos Driver (Phoebe), Summertown; Mrs Thos Farrow (Teresa), one time of Nth Leeor, Victoria; Edward William, of Bordertown; and Mrs Andrew Marshall (Sarah Ann), who died near Bordertown.
After the death of his wife, Mr Milne felt that it was his duty to go and preach the Gospel, and he accepted a position of missionary under the Bush Mission, and made his first trip to the South East in December 1861, riding his horse through from Adelaide to Port McDonnell. Whilst in this district, he had the misfortune to sprain his foot, and Mr Cook, of Kingston, conveyed him back to Adelaide in the barque "Swallow." A part of this vessel may now be seen at Kingston.
On his return to Uraidla, he was married in February 1862 to Grace Bray, daughter of Catherine Bray, a widow with four daughters and one son, the father dying in Cornwall, England. A fortnight after the ceremony he left his wife with the care of his four children, and arriving in Adelaide he was again conveyed in the Swallow to his work, this time to Kingston. He then took on what he termed his round trip, starting from Kingston and working to Mount Gambier, then Penola, Narracoorte, Padthaway, Tatiara, on to Wellington and Adelaide, the trip taking three months. He thus journeyed over his district four times a year. His diary gave him as visiting the shepherds hut, the splitters camp, the shearers shed, etc, preaching and teaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus. After three years of these trips using Uraidla as a working centre, he found that that town was too far away from his work, and taking his wife and family settled in Kingston, building what is now known in that town as Vine Cottage.
Five years in all he was with the Bush Mission, two years being spent with Kingston as a centre. This organisation then closed up, the composers recognising his sterling worth by presenting him with a large illustrated Family Bible as a token of esteem of his services on their be half. Mr Milne then decided to form a church at Kingston, and adopted the Congregational, preaching in the old school room near the police station. He was ordained in this room by the Revs F W Cox and C Manthorpe in 1866. He labored at Kingston for 7 years, building the church now held by the Church of England denomination, yet continuing his trips through Robe, Narracoorte and Tatiara, Mount Gambier then being well served. Finding the Tatiara becoming well settled, and with the pioneering blood well in his veins, he came to these parts, and with his wife and family landed here in February 1873 to establish the Congregational movement.
He saw the first settlement of the Tatiara with such men as Messrs Adamson and Wiese. In his early trips he used to preach in what was known as the Green Room of the Woolshed Hotel (premises now held privately by Messrs C. Lewis and Connell), the landlord supplying him with a washstand as a pulpit. After a time the landlord protested against the services being held in his house, and the rev. gentleman then preached in a room at the police station.
A school being required in the district, he stirred among the settlers, and a wooden building was erected on the site now occupied by the school residence. It was used on week days as a school and on the Sunday for Divine service. This place was afterwards taken by the Education department. Messrs Thos Adamson and A G F Wiese then associated with him in the building of the present Congregational Church, which was erected in 1880, the Rev W. Roby Fletcher, then leading Congregational preacher of the State, performing the opening ceremony. When Mr Milne came to the Tatiara, he abolished the round trip with the exception of Padthaway.
He first met the Lawson family on his first trip through the South East, and the loving friendship was continued through life, Mr Milne paying his last visit to the station in July of this year. He continued as Pastor of the Bordertown church until 1894, four years previously to this date accepting an appointment under the Parkin Mission Board to make preaching and visiting trips throughout the Desert from Frances to Murray Bridge, and his name is revered throughout all these parts as a friend of the settler, one who gave advice willingly and was ever ready to cheer on the efforts of the mighty fighters of the then virgin country.
In 1894, the time he closed his pastorate in Bordertown, he found his double task too heavy, and thinking the local church would get on better with a younger man, resigned, but held his appointment under the Board. The Rev Pearse, who takes the Anniversary services here on Sunday, followed him. Mr Milne retained the Parkin appointment until 1902, when he felt that he was too old, and that his life of usefulness had ended.
From this period until 1906 he practically rested then he carried out a long cherished wish of going to England to see the people of his district. Disappointment availed him as he only saw one face of the days of his youth. However, a happy time was spent, and he and Mrs Milne returned in October same year, thus spending 6 months away from their home of adoption. We might mention that Mr Milne's wish was to return home to see his four sisters whom he had left 54 years before. Since his return two have crossed the bourne.
After relinquishing his charge, he urged on the congregation the necessity of obtaining a manse, and after a big fight gained his purpose, and the premises one time occupied by the National bank was secured. Both buildings are freehold and out of debt. Whilst in church work Mr Milne started churches at Pooginagoric and Mundalla, the latter charge being afterwards relinquished in favor of Cannawigra.
Apart from church work, Mr Milne was a strenuous worker in the interests of the district, and was a member on hundreds of deputations to the district council and to ministers of the various governments. He was a striver in securing the railway to the district. Privately, he was a travelling encyclopedia, a man of reference, for the settlers of the huge district, as he had to carry out the land transactions, arrange for loans, and goodness knows what, and not one instance is recorded where his judgment was at fault. He was one of the workers in the Institute movement, and was the first to urge such a building for Bordertown. His suggestion was seized on instantly, and with such men as Messrs Adamson, Boothby, Wiese, Scott, Watson and Cleggett, an institute soon became an accomplished fact. He adhered to the institute, and when a couple of years ago his fellow trustees hesitated over the erection of a new building, he ridiculed their timidity and urged faith in the people and the district. Constancy of purpose
gained the trustees in favor, and we have now one of the few fine Institutes in South Australia. When the foundation stone was to be placed in position, the committee unanimously resolved that the honor should be his, and on May 24th of last year he performed the ceremony in the presence of an immense number of people. At the opening of the building he was present, and all speakers referred to the pleasure it had given them to see Father Milne present and his desire consummated.
Need we speak further of his life? A book could be written and then many important items left out. The life was revered wherever felt, and the people showed their expressions by love and the showering of gifts. Mr Milne received three illuminated addresses and heavy purses of sovereigns from the people, and a host of smaller donations. Even when leaving the London Ragged School for Australia, the inmates marked his kindness of heart and presented him with a copy of Calmen's Bible-Dictionary. The book is now a much-prized relic in the home of his son, Mr Herbert Milne, to whom he handed it on.
Mr Milne's outside hobby was gardening, and his home about a mile from the township testifies that he was an expert at his recreation. Ever practical, his gardening shows of this order, the plots being filled with recognised market topping fruit trees and vines, and vegetables of the choicest. Blooms were also cultivated, giving a cheeriness to the home. Mr Milne loved his garden and could always be found caring and tending. Just before his illness he pruned all the trees and with his fork dug around each.
The rigours of his early life's work — the riding through miles and miles of country in nature's grandeur in all weathers, the distances travelled in (as Mr J B Makin once remarked in a public testimony to the old gentleman) the "hob-nailed express" visiting the settlers — had no effect on his physical life; rather, it hardened him as the sturdy oak, and sickness was unknown to him. Even within the last year of his life he invariably walked the distance to and fro to worship and also took a class in the Sunday school. He frequently filled the local pulpit, and at times journeyed over his old country — Frances to Coonalpyn — preaching and renewing friendships of the pioneer days. The youngest to the oldest all experienced a pleasure in meeting Father Milne, and the much loved figure now lost will long remain a monument in the brain of the people of the Tatiara and Border Downs.
The family by the second wife now living are — Mr George Milne, Bordertown; Mr William, Hergott Springs ; Mrs Jenner, Renmark; Rev David, of Sedan; Frederick Louis, Bordertown; Alfred Ernest, of Bordertown; Mrs Gilbert Ferguson, Glencoe; Herbert, Bordertown; Arthur Horace, Adelaide; Clement, Adelaide; Ethel Catherine, Bordertown; Percy Bray, Parkside, There are 47 grandchildren and 2 great grand-children.
Rev David Milne. (1910, October 7). Border Chronicle (Bordertown, SA : 1908 - 1950), p. 3. Retrieved April 29, 2022, from 
MILNE, David (I454)
16 Assasinated in Kentucky, USA PRENTICE, Archibald (I2073)
17 At age 16 years, William began using a horse and dray to transport produce to the miners involved in the various goldrushes as far afield as Ballarat, Lexton and St Arnaud. During one of those trips home, he married Sarah SHUEARD. Their first three children (William, Sarah, Robert) were born at Mount Lofty.
The family of five moved to Lexton, Victoria, where George, Charles, John and Thomas were born.
In 1873, the family moved to St Arnaud, Victoria, where Francis, Ada, James, Herbert and Stanley were born. Various businesses were set up in St Arnaud, mainly concerned with the selling of goods.
William married Mary CARNEY in 1889, three years after Sarah died. He left his business in the hands of his older children, and moved to Geelong with his remaining family. In 1892, they returned to St Arnaud, and William became Mayor in 1901. 
BRAY, William (I70)
18 At the residence of Mr STODDART, Tothills Creek Family (F749)
19 Banker, Aberdeen. BLACKIE, Alexander (I2027)
20 Baron STODART of Leaston, of Humbie in the District of East Lothian;
Life Peer, cr 1981; PC 1974;
Educ: Wellington school; farming at Kingston, North Berwick 1934-58 and now at Leaston;
Contested: (Lib) Berwick and E Lothian 1950; (C) Midlothian and Peebles 1951; (C) Midlothian 1955; MP (C) Edinburgh W 1959-74; Jt Under-Sec of State, Scottish Office 1963-64; oppsn spokesman on agriculture and Scottish affairs 1966-69; Party Sec. MAFF 1970-72; Min of State MAFF 1972-74; vice-chm Cons Agric Cttee H of C 1962-63, 1964-65, 1966-70; led party delegation Canada 1974, 1983; chm: Agric Credit Corp 1975-87; Cttee of enquiry into Local Govt in Publications: (jt auth) Land of Abundence: a study of Scottish Agriculture in the 20th century, 1962; articles on farming in journals and newspapers;
b 6 June 1916, son of Col Thomas Stodart, CIE, IMS (d 1935) and Mary Alice nee Coullie, m 1940 Hazel Jean (d 1959) dau of Lt Ronald James Usher, DSC, RN (d 1948), no ch.
Address: Lorrimers, North Berwick, East Lothian;
Clubs: New (Edinburgh); Hon Co of Edinburgh Golfers; Cavalry and Guards.
Source: ElectricScotland. 
STODART, Baron of Leaston James Anthony (I2296)
21 Based on age at Death only. BOXOLD, John Henry (I1444)
22 Bicentennial Index:
Mrs Catherine BRAY, born 24 May 1812, Cornwall England, died 30 December 1876, buried Mt Lofty. Arrived 1854, by 'Trafalgar'. Residence Adelaide. Religion C of E.
Married William BRAY1833, Cornwall, born St Austell, Cornwall, died 7 August 1844, Cornwall.
Children: Maria HAWKE (1833-1904), Phillippa MEINCKE (1835-1920), Catherine (1837-1840), William (1839-), Grace MILNE (1842-1928), Catherine (1843-). 
KNIGHT, Catharine (I33)
23 Biographical Index entry:
William Frederick RANN, born 1857, Piccadilly, died 1 April 1909, Buried Summertown.
Married Amelia Elizabeth JARRETT 29 July 1880, Careys Gully. Born 1858, Careys Gully, died 22 October 1929, Careys Gully.
Children: Eliz. HART (1881-), Ada (1883-), Thos. (1886-), Lance (1886-1930), Geo. Wm. (1888-1969), Eliza BADENOCH (1890-1977), Florence SHARP (1892-), Alice Ethel NICOL (1894-1974), Peter Fredk. (1896-), Alick (1898-d.inf.) 
RANN, William (I4688)
24 Biographical Index of SA.
Samuel KEIGHTLEY, b 1819, d 4 June 1878, at Warnertown. Bur Napperby.
Arrived in 1850, 'William Stevenson'. Res Angaston, Warnertown, Napperby.
Married ?, children John Charles 1846-1925, Charles Stanford 1849-1927, Herbert, and another by 1850.
Transcribed from a BISA index (Genealogy SA on-line record). 
KEIGHTLEY, Samuel (I378)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SQUIRE, G.K. (I18)
26 Births registered as CARRISON. CARRISON, Agnes (I2644)
Louis MEINCKE, born 7 October 1835, Schleswig, Germany. Died 11 August 1914, Kapunda. Occ marine pilot, railway porter, carrier. Religion C of E. Father Frederick MEIBNKE, mother Elizabeth MOLLER.
Married Phillipa BRAY, 18 April 1859, at Adelaide. Born 17 November 1835, St Austell, Cornwall. Died 4 August 1920, Kapunda. Father William KNIGHT, mother Catherine.
Children; Frederick William 1859-1916, Elizabeth JAMES 1861-1925, Louis 1866-1880, Phillipa, Jules -1942, Florence GROTH 1868-, Edith 1870-1952.
Transcribed from an index (Genealogy SA on-line record) 16 October 2022. 
MEINCKE, Franz Ludwig Rudolph (I16)
28 BISA - George BURTON, residence Pt Augusta, rel. Methodist. Married Annie, children Arthur Geo 1883-, Constance Annie 1886-. No ship or arrival date.
BURTON, George (I1650)
29 BISA entry:
David MILNE, Born 27 Aug 1827, ENG., Died 25 Sep 1910, Bordertown.
Arrived 1853 on 'Shackamxon'.
Occ Minister, bush missioner, Res Uraidla, Kingston, Bordertown, Rel Cong., Bapt.
Father George MILNE.
Marriage 1: Phoebe Sarah TAYLOR, marr 25 Dec 1850, Lon Eng.
Born 26 Dec 1825, Lambeth Lon Eng, Died 13 Mar 1861, Uraidla. Parents George TAYLOR and Mary.
Ch David 1851-1853, Phoebe Mary (DRIVER) 1854-1934, Louisa 1855-1856, Sarah Ann (MARSHALL) 1856-1892, James 1858-1858, Teresa (FARROW) 1859-1926, Edward William 1861-1912.
Marriage 2: Grace BRAY, marr 26 Feb 1862, Mt Lofty.
Born 1 Jan 1842 St Austell Con Eng, Died 27 Oct 1928, Bordertown. Parents William BRAY and Catharine.
Ch [as per below]. 
MILNE, David (I454)
30 BISA:
Henry TRELOAR, born 1797, Wendron, Cornwall. Died 19 Jan 1865, Strathalbyn. Arr 1849, 'Cheapside'. Occ miner, farmer. Res Strathalbyn, Kanmantoo.
Married Grace JENKIN, born 1799, died 28 January 1882.
Children Martha NICHOLLS (1824-1887),John Jenkin TRELOAR (1828-),Thomas TRELOAR (1832-), Grace Jenkin DREW SNOOK (1834-1898), Jeremiah (1834-1900), Eliza MOAR (1837-). 
TRELOAR, Henry (I5455)
31 BISA:
Marriage Louisa APPLETON, 25 May 1850, SA.
Children Louisa Ann HILL (1851-1902). 
TRELOAR, Henry (I5459)
32 BISA:
Jeremiah TRELOAR, born 1836. Died 30 October 1900, buried Strathalbyn. Arrived 1849, 'Cheapside'. Occ farmer. Res Meadows, Strathalbyn. Rel C of E. Father Henry TRELOAR, mother Grace JENKIN.
Marriage 1 Julia Ann TURPIN, 1 December 1862, Mt Barker. Born 1844. Parents John and Maria.
Marriage 2 Ann Rebecca ?, 31 January 1876. Born 1851, died 10 February 1877.
Marriage 3 Elizabeth ?, 30 May 1883. 
TRELOAR, Jeremiah (I5464)
33 BISA:
Peter MCARTHUR, b 1806, Mull, Argylle, Scotland. Died 1892. From Victoria. Occ farmer. Res Mt Gambier, Yahl.
Marriage; children Archibald (1834-1911), Jas, Chas, Dugald, Mrs SINCLAIR, Mrs BUCHANAN, Mrs SINCLAIR, Mrs SMITH, Mrs CARRISON, 2 sons.
Two further marriages; ch Donald (1842-1912), others. 
MCARTHUR, Peter (I709)
34 BISA:
Philip Henry SQUIRE, b 14 August 1837, at Bristol, Gloucester, d 3 December 1923, at Modbury, buried at Golden Grove. Arrived 1848 on 'Princess Royal'. Occupation farmer. Residence Modbury, Upper Dry Creek. Religion Methodist.
Father John SQUIRE. Mother Elizabeth TAYLOR.
Married Mary MCCUSPIE, 25 November 1863, at Kensington. b 1 July 1842, at Bernera Is., Inverness, Scotland, d 8 June 1920, at Modbury. Parents Donald MCCUSPIE and Effie MCLEOD.
Children, Flora (1864-1965), Mary (1866-1891), Effie Emma RAFFRAY (1868-1931), Elizabeth Taylor MIELS (1871-1953), Christina Catherina GRIST (1875-1950), Esther Ann BISHOP 1877-1962), Donald Philip (1880-1949). 
SQUIRE, Philip Henry (I4714)
35 BISA:
Thomas TRELOAR, born 1832. Died 7 April 1910, Strathalbyn. Arrived 1849, 'Cheapside'. Occ farmer. Res Strathalbyn.
Marriage Martha COUSIN, 17 February 1859, SA. Born 1830, died 22 May 1901. Father Henry TRELOAR, mother Grace JENKIN. 
TRELOAR, Thomas (I5462)
36 BISA:
William SCOTT, born 18 September 1815, Midshiels, ROX SCT, died 27 November 1879, Quorn.
Ship Iron King, 1873. Farmer, Clare, Quorn, rel Presbyterian.
Married Elizabeth TENNANT, SCT, parents Andrew and Mary nee CAMPBELL.
Children Robert (1842-1928), Mary Campbell (1844-1890), Andrew (1848-1925), William (1850-1928), Elizabeth MASON, ANDERSON (1852-1913), James (1854-), George (1856-1929), John Young (1858-1909). 
SCOTT, William (I3363)
37 Born either 1637 or 15 May 1638. Died at a young age.
(Notes of Robert Riddle Stodart, through Tania Trayner, and Marilyn Raisbeck) 
STODART, Cuthbert (I99)
38 Buried in Part C, Chapel of Eternal Memories. Section unknown. BRAY, Percy (I4952)
39 Census records mostly call Ernest 'nephew'. Why? SQUIRE, Ernest (I2457)
40 Child recorded as father Donald McArthur, mother Jane Cameron. Date and place seems correct. Family (F791)
41 Connie was born and grew up in the Port Adelaide area. She worked as a typist and receptionist at the Globe Timber Mills until her marriage to Ken. The Church was a major focus of her life, playing netball for the Alberton Baptist Church team, and being involved with Ken wherever they moved. The Rose Park Church was the main recipient of her service, where she was Newsletter Editor for many years. She was afflicted with Asthma for many years, being hospitalised several times. She died suddenly in 1974, from a combination of asthma and heart failure. RUNDLE, Constance Maude (I20)
42 Damhead is either a middle name or a location where he lived. STODART, Adam (I871)
43 Daughter of Adam Haig. HAIG, Marion (I63)
44 David held the titles M.D., F.R.E.S. STODART, Dr David Edmund (I2048)
45 Death Date and age from an obituary memorial in Aukland New Zealand Catholic cemetery, " Beloved sons of James and Matilda STODARD". STODART, James (I2208)
46 Death Date and age from an obituary memorial in Aukland New Zealand Catholic cemetery, " Beloved sons of James and Matilda STODARD". STODART, William Henry (I2211)
Veteran Show Exhibitor, 51 SUCCESSIVE EXHIBITIONS.
Early on Sunday morning the death occurred at his residence, Bay road, of Mr. Charles McArthur at the age of 77 years. Early on Sunday morning the death occurred at his residence, Bay road, of Mr. Charles M.cArthur, at the age of 77 years.
Mr. McArthur had enjoyed good health all his life, and was apparently as well as usual just before he succumbed. He rose early, and after speaking to his wife, suddenly collapsed and died shortly afterwards. Friends and relatives heard news of his sudden passing with surprise and regret.
Deceased was born at Square Mile, and had lived in this district all his life. He married Miss Caroline Kilsby, who survives. There are no children. Mr. McArthur was well known as a show exhibitor, and his death on the eve of the Mount Gambior show has removed one of the A. and H. Society's most consistent and valued exhibitors and members. He was a member of the committee for many years. He held a unique record in that he had exhibited at 51 successive Mount Gambier shows. For more than half a century his Lincoln sheep had been winning him honours at South Eastern shows, and for 30 years his roses had been taking championship ribbons.
In a recent interview Mr. McArthur recalled to a "Watch" representative that he first showed Lincolns in Mt. Gambier as a young man of 28, when the saleyards were situated approximately at the spot where Messrs May & Davis' service station now stands. The sheep show was held in these yards, and the cattle were exhibited on the hill near the Methodist Church. The Caledonian Hall, Hall of Commerce, and other buildings between the main corner and the church were, of course, nonexistent at that time. The first indoor show, said Mr. McArthur, was held in a hall near where the Hotel Federal now stands, and the old Oddfellows Hall was afterwards used. Shows were later held in the Old Institute Hall, and finally the A. and H. Society became established on the present well appointed
show ground.
Mr. McArthur, whose delightful old garden at Hedley Park bespeaks of his love of flowers, first exhibited roses 30 years ago, when he took up his residency in Bay road. He had marked success with roses at many South-Eastern shows since 1900, and had won scores of championships.
At the time of his death he still owned the old farm, and had a flock of between 70 and 100 stud Lincoln ewes. He had never owned anything but Lincolns, having started breeding from Moorak rams, and continued with rams from the late Wm. Forsyth's Hamilton stud. He had also crossed some of his ewes with rams from Mr. O. A. Christie, of Hamilton.
Nearly all the South-Eastern show societies will regret Mr. McArthur's death. In his younger days he took his Lincolns and flowers as far afield as Kingston, and also met with good success in the Adelaide Royal. He remarked when interviewed, that he had had a good innings, and wished he could have it over again.
The funeral took place yesterday, Rev. A. H. Ballinger conducting the burial service. Mr. W. Pearce carried
out arrangements.
Source: DEATH OF MR. CHARLES McARTHUR. (1932, October 18). Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 - 1954), p. 3. Retrieved February 1, 2017, from 
MCARTHUR, Charles (I1390)
48 Death of Old Colonists - Our obituary today records the death of two very old colonists, namely, Messrs. John Barrett, and Capt. E. F. Chalmers, of Sayes' Court, Bagdad. Mr. Barrett arrived in this colony in the ship Brixton, many years ago, and he is, we believe, the last colonist remaining who came by that vessel. He has been in business for a long time in this city, and is father of Hugh Sunderland Barrett, Esq. . . . Both gentlemen will be regretted by a wide circle of friends.
The Hobart Mercury, Sat 17 July 1869, page 2 (From Trove).

Residence at death; 163 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Died from softening of the brain. 
BARRETT, John (I623)
49 Described as a lady of considerable literary acquirements. BROWN, Jemima Henrietta (I2057)
50 Died at sea returning from Lisbon. STODART, Thomas (I823)
51 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MCGARRY, B.J. (I1175)
52 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Edward William (I4339)
53 early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, John Risely (I3562)
54 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRES, Eliza (I3747)
55 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRES, Edmund (I3750)
56 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, George Stocker (I3569)
57 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Clara Deane (I3570)
58 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Sarah (I3571)
59 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Elizabeth Jane (I3572)
60 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRES, George (I3751)
61 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRES, Elizabeth (I3752)
62 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, William Henery (I3774)
63 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Francis Charles Rook (I3763)
64 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Sarah Taylor (I3815)
65 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRES, John (I4332)
66 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRES, Naomi (I4685)
67 Early SA SQUIRE. SQUIRE, Flora (I4713)
68 Early SA SQUIRE. Possible duplicate entry with same name and birth date. SQUIRE, Elizabeth Amanda (I3885)
69 Early SQUIRE SQUIRES, Mary Ann (I4710)
70 Early SQUIRE birth SQUIRE, Eliza (I4329)
71 Eldest of seven children.
Info from Malcolm SINCLAIR, in June 2012. 
RENDER, Florence May (I1511)
72 Elizabeth married Rev David Aitken D.D., of Minto, on 13 Jul 1836 in St Cuthberts, Midlothian. Later lived at 4 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. STODART, Elizabeth (I849)
73 Elizabeth's name was spelled in various ways in the Parish Register for Lasswade ; Johnston, Johnstoun and Johnstone. JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (I103)
74 Extract from SA Biographical Index :
Arrived in SA 14 Aug 1847 on CRESSY
Occ Carpenter
Res Adelaide, Kapunda 
MORRIS, William Laity (I1000)
75 Extract from the SA Biographical Index :
Arrived in SA 17 August 1847 from England on CRESSY
Occ Blacksmith
Res Gawler West, Adelaide, Willaston 
MORRIS, Richard (I1021)
76 Extract from the SA Biographical Index:
Arrived in Adelaide 17 August 1847 from England in CRESSY
Occ Wheelwright, Blacksmith, Coachbuilder
Res Adelaide, Goodwood, Edwardstown
Rel CofE, Wesleyan 
MORRIS, William Laity (I1016)
77 F.R.S., London. A scientific man, invented different combinations of iron and silver, a friend of Sir Humphrey Davy. He was a surgeon's instrument maker.
from ' Memoir of James WYLD of Gilston and his family'.
STODART, James (I2880)
78 Factor to Sir Simon Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath, Lord Haddington and Sir Wyndham Anstruther Bt. STODART, John (I119)
79 Familysearch information from baptism record Film 1752196. Family (F427)
80 Familysearch name given Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm male, at White Chapel, Middlesex, England. BREININGER father Friedrich BREININGER mother Auguste G TZINGER BREININGER, Frederick Henry William (I1454)
81 Farmer at Low Snape. Some of this information came from a history prepared by Ann Shuttleworth, c2007. Much has subsequently verified or sources checked. BARRETT, Abraham (I625)
82 Father was James Johnstone JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (I103)
83 Findmypast First Quarter 1879, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Volume 3A Page 829. Family (F424)
84 Findmypast First Quarter 1935, Leighton Buzzaed, Bedfordshire, England. Volume 3B Page 458. BREININGER, Frederick Henry William (I1454)
85 Findmypast fourth Quarter 1844, Atherstone Warwickshire. Volume 16 Page 395. Family (F425)
86 Findmypast Fourth quarter 1859, St George in the East, London. Volume 1C Page 427. BREININGER, Frederick Henry William (I1454)
87 Findmypast Second Quarter 1886, Banbury, Oxfordshire. Age at Death 49. Volume 3A Page 513. BOXOLD, John Henry (I1444)
88 Findmypast Third Quarter. Aston Warwickshire. Volume 6D Page 834. Family (F415)
89 Findmypast, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Third Quarter 1944. Age at Death 61. Volume 6D Page 292. BOXOLD, James Henry Edward (I1425)
90 Findmypast, third quarter 1892, Lambeth, London. Volume 1D Page 417. BREININGER, Grace (I1426)
91 Findmypast; Second Quarter 1883. BOXOLD James Henry E, Banbury Oxfordshire. Vol 3A Page 880. BOXOLD, James Henry Edward (I1425)
92 FOOTBALL.—The Port Adelaide Cricket Club has recently adopted the title of the Port Adelaide Cricket and Football Club, with the following officers: - Messrs. John Hart, jun. (President), R. J. W. Leicester (Secretary), G. Ireland (Treasurer), J. A. Rann, R. Carr, and F. Bridgman (Committee). It will be seen from an advertisement that the opening football practice takes place on Saturday, May 14, at Glanville, on the grounds, of Captain Hart.
Transcribed from "The Evening Journal Newspaper", 13 May 1870, page 2. Extracted from Trove 8 August 2020.
RANN, John Albert (I28)
93 From 'The Advertiser', the birth was recorded, on 24th May, 1916, at St. Paul's Square, of a son, Lancelot John. It was recorded that the birth of their first daughter occurred on 30th October, 1920, at Mrs. McGregor's Nursing Home, of Constance Maude. On 25th September, 1928, at Sister Howard-Jones' Hospital, Semaphore, the birth of Edwin Neil completed their issue. RANN, Maude Holbrook (I24)
94 From a newspaper cutting - Death Notice - RANN, on 14 October, (1933), at the residence of her daughter ( Mrs H G Leach), Carlisle St, Ethelton, Fanny, dearly loved wife of the Late J A Rann and beloved sister of Minnie. MUSSON, Fanny (I29)
95 From Aukland newspaper rolls of WW1: Died of wounds 9 Sep 1915. Next of kin: My Stodart Woodside, Taihape, NZ "Wounded 7-12 Aug CIB". STODART, James Hutchison (I2305)
96 From BISA:
Robert THOMSON, b 1827, Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland. d 30 Sep 1912, North Adelaide. Bur. Mt Pleasant.
Arr. 1839, Moffat. occ farmer, pastoralist, station overseer. Rel Presbyterian.
Father John THOMSON, mother Janet LOGIE.
Married Elizabeth McGregor THOMSON 27 Apr 1849, Adelaide. b 1829. d 13 May 1904.
Children: Euphemia (DENTON), Eliz (SCOTT) c1850-, Margaret Magdalene MILNE (1853-), John William (c1865-), +4 dau., 1son. 
THOMSON, Robert (I5199)
97 From Clive STODART's notes; Clifford STODART, D.S.O., died at sea. STODART, Clifford (I2100)
98 From Faith Boxold,
Emily died at 'The Falls', Lynmouth, North Devon, England. She came to live with us after Grandad (Isaac) died, first at Laidan House, Lynmouth, then at 'The Falls'. This is not 'The Falls' where Wal and Marg now live, they called their place 'The Falls' after mum and dad's place. Mary Squire and her husband 'Spider' visited us when we were at 'Laiden House', Lynmouth.

When Reg and I visited England in 1982, we visited their grave and put flowers on it from their old garden 'Staunton Cottage', Staunton Meade, plus some hydrangeas from a house further up the lane - a Mr and Mrs Coles. They had an elderly lady living with them who said she could remember Isaac and Emily.

GILL, Emily (I64)
99 From The Advertiser (1943) - On April 6, at private hospital, Ethel, dearly beloved wife of John Squire, of 37 Stephens Ave., Torrensville, and loved mother of Ken. Aged 58 years.
From The Advertiser (1943) - SQUIRE - The friends of Mr John Squire are respectfully informed that the funeral of his late wife (Ethel) will leave his residence, 37 Stephens Avenue, Torrensville, on Wednesday at 2:30pm, for the Centennial Park Cemetery, Springbank.
Accessed from the Trove website c2010. 
GILL, Ethel (I22)
100 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SQUIRE, J.P. (I46)
The Late Mr. Herbert Keightley.
The funeral of the late Mr. Herbert Keightley, who died at his late residence, 143 Angelo street, South Perth, on June 5, took place in the Brethren portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery, on June 7. and was well attended.
Deceased was born in Nottingham, England, and had resided in Australia for about 81 years. He spent 57 years of his life in South Australia, and about 24 years in this State. His was a loving disposition, and he made many friends in South Perth and among the many worshippers of his church. The cortege moved from his late residence, Wahroonga, and proceeded to the Cemetery, where his remains were laid to rest at the conclusion of an impressive service conducted by Bro. R.F. Cross.
Transcribed from a newspaper notice (Trove on-line paper). 
KEIGHTLEY, Herbert (I8)
102 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SQUIRE, G.K. (I18)
103 Given name recorded as Ann on early family document listing all children. MCARTHUR, Ann (I1385)
104 Guy and Amy had three children, including Ken.
Info from Malcolm SINCLAIR, June 2012. 
Family (F442)
105 Guy worked as a station hand, at Vindex Station, Queensland.
Info provided by Malcolm SINCLAIR, June 2012. 
DONALD, Guy Frederick (I1508)
106 Had 6 children born in Oldham Co., Kentucky, USA. Family (F625)
107 He married a Janet STODART, who would have been born around 1795(?) STODART, George (I861)
108 He received his education at the High School of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh University. At the age of 18 he went to Ceylon and took charge of a coffee plantation belonging to his father. In 1863 ill health obliged him to return home, and in April 1864, he was appointed Lyon Clerk Depute, a post which he held till his death. He early developed a taste for local and family history, and even while in India he was an ardent student of those subjects. He published in 1880, "Scottish Arms", in two large folio volumes; the first consisting of a collection of Arms, beautifully fac-similed in colours from ancient manuscripts; and the second, of heraldic and genealogical notes illustrative of those Arms. This work has been called "the most important contribution to Scottish historical heraldry since the days of Nesbet". It established their author's position "as one of the ablest genealogists of the day". A biographical sketch will be found in The Scotsman, Edinburgh, April 20, 1886.
From list of Deaths (1886), NEHGR, Volume 40, (Jan-Oct 1886) page 348. 
STODART, Robert Riddle (I2059)
109 He succeeded his father in his farm of Bilstane, on the estate of Dryden, the property of Count Lockhart WISHART, and from 1745, of Walston, Lanarkshire. He later moved to the farm of Walston Place, Lanarkshire, belonging to the same landlord. Also in 1745, he rode from Walston to Dryden to give information that a search was being made for George LOCKHART, eldest son of the Count, on a charge of high treason, and this timely warning enabled him to escape to France. Mr STODART was also factor to Count LOCKHART. Notes from 'Memoir of James Wyld of Gilston and his Family' by Robert Stodart WYLD LL.D.
On notes referred to by Clive Stodart, James was referred to as 'the Laird of Walston'. 
STODART, James (I62)
110 I note that this birth index entry shows the given name as 'unnamed'. so L Rex is presumed based on Henry Field MARSH's obituary, and an Email note from grandson Peter. MARSH, L Rex (I3486)
111 In 1852, appointed to the Greek Chair at Edinburgh University. Biography written by Miss Anna STODART. He sought to preserve the Gaelic language. BLACKIE, John Stuart (I2029)
112 In 1916, his widow, Fanny Rann, lived at Church Place, Pt. Adelaide. She died on 14th October, 1933. RANN, John Albert (I28)
113 In 1916, his widow, Fanny Rann, lived at Church Place, Pt. Adelaide. She died on 14th October, 1933. MUSSON, Fanny (I29)
114 In the 1881 census, Emily was at Hemyock with William and Mary; no sign of Isaac, and had four of their children here. They had moved to Staunton Cottage Alcombe Dunster by 1886 when Lottie was born. Emily's family is always shown as living in Lower Alcombe, so we guess the Gill family lived in Staunton Cottage. Emily's mum died in 1886 which coincides with the Squire's moving to Staunton Cottage. James Gill is shown on censuses as living with the Squire family in 1891 and 1901.

The Smith family were neighbours to the Squire family, and in 1896, Charles Smith (b 1894) came to live with Isaac and Emily. Charles' mother had died, and his father was supporting a four year old severely disabled lad and several older children. Charles was still with the Squire family in 1901, but went on to serve in WW1 and later returned badly injured to live a long life in Bristol.

Isaac and Emily's youngest daughter Lottie probably went into service in London, and met Thomas Isaac Gilson. They married and moved back to Alcombe, bringing two children. Interestingly, they lived next door to Charles' brother Harry. In 1914, Wally Gilson was born at the Squire's cottage.

Isaac Squire died on 22nd December,1924, at the age of 78 years. They were still at Staunton Cottage, Staunton Meade. This cottage belonged to the Luttrell family, of Dunster Castle. After Isaac's death, Emily went to live with Thomas and Lottie Gilson, who had moved from Alcombe to Lynmouth (North Devon). Faith and Reg visited the U.K in 1985 and visited their grave, placing flowers from the garden at Staunton Cottage.

I visited the cottage in 2007 with Wally Gilson, and met the current owner. We were invited to have a look inside, and I could visualise how different it must have been 100 years ago. Wally could describe to the current owner what the place was like in the 1920s. Many thanks to Mary Chorley from Bridgwater Somerset for the information about her grandfather Charles Smith and for the photo of Isaac and Emily, and to Daphne of Minehead-Online for the postcard photo of Staunton Cottage. 
Family (F25)
115 In Walston STODART, George Walston (I116)
116 Information for John, John's father and grandfather have been added based on records and citations recorded on Familysearch website. I cannot independently verify the information at this time. STODART, John (I5179)
117 James had the title FRS and was an amateur scientist. He was a friend of Sir John Humphrey and Sir Michael Faraday. STODART, James FRS (I828)
118 John Squire was born on 7 September 1881, at Staunton Cottage, Staunton Meade, Alcombe, Somerset, Eng. I have a photocopy of his birth certificate. On the birth Certificate of his son, Ken, he describes his birthplace as Hemyock, Devon, England.

He came to Australia in 1911, and settled at Pt Wakefield, working as a Wheelwright for the South Australian Railways. On 31 October 1914, he married Ethel Gill at Pt. Adelaide. They were married in the Pt. Adelaide Methodist Church (in Dale St.) by Rev. Robert Ernest Stanley. Constance M Stanley and Maude H Rann were witnesses. Their only child, Ken, was born at Sister Whitford's Private Hospital, Hamley Bridge, and grew up in Pt Wakefield. The family moved to 37 Stephens Terrace, Torrensville, prior to 1943. This was possibly on John's retirement as a coachbuilder. Ethel died on 6 April 1943, at the Torrensville residence, and is buried at Centennial Park Cemetery.

John and Ethel are recorded in the Sands and MacDougal directories as living in Port Wakefild in 1919, 1936-43.

Source documents

From The Advertiser Marriage Notices - SQUIRE-GILL - On October 1931, at the Methodist Church, Port Adelaide, South Australia, by the Rev. Robert Stanley, John, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Squire, of Alcombe, Somerset, England, to Ethel, youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs W Gill, Bristol, England.

From The Advertiser Death Notices - on July 16 at his late residence, 41(?) Stephens Avenue, Torrensville, John, beloved husband of the late Ethel Squire, loving father of Kenneth, father-in-law of Connie, and grandfather of Graham and Jeffrey. Aged 71 years.

From The Advertiser Death Notices - Squire - The friends of the late Mr John Squire are respectfully informed that his Funeral will leave his late residence 41(?) Stephens Avenue, Torrensville, on Thursday at 4:00pm, for the Centenial Park Cemetery. 
SQUIRE, John (I21)
119 John was born on 9th June, 1845, at Dudley, Staffordshire, UK. John married Fanny Musson, on 22nd June, 1889, at Pt. Adelaide. 'The Advertiser' recorded that on 27th April, 1912, John A. Rann, of Church Place, Pt. Adelaide, died. He was the husband of Fanny Rann, and the eldest son of the late John Rann. RANN, John Albert (I28)
120 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SQUIRE, G.K. (I18)
121 Ken was born at Whitford's Private Hospital, Hamley Bridge in the mid north of South Australia, to John and Ethel, who lived at Port Wakefield at the time. Probably on John's retirement from the railways, they moved to Torrensville, from where Ken met Connie.

Ken did an apprenticeship as an electrical fitter, but must have begun studying accountancy at nightschool almost immediately. By the early fifties, he had begun practising as a public accountant, and had an office at 308 North Terrace (city) for some years. He also began building spec. homes. During the fifties, he moved the family to Glenside, then Beaumont. While at Beaumont (about 1958), Ken began working as administrator for the Congregational Union (church) in Adelaide,and as a result, he and the family switched from Methodism to Congregationalism. He also moved to Toorak Gardens soon after. During the sixties, he began to explore opportunities for the church to be involved in building and managing aged home and nursing centres. He gradually became fulltime in aged care management, being involved at Rose Park, and consulting for several other centres, under the banner of the Congregational Homes for the Aged. They had also moved to Tusmore, and then to a Manager's unit at the Rose Park Aged Homes' complex.

After Connie died in 1974, Ken retired and moved to Belair. He had an interest in travel, and owned a motor home for some years. He had a number of cancers, and died of throat cancer in 1984.

A newspaper clipping 30 October 1943 - The engagement is announced of Constance M, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E M Rundle, 42 Fourth Avenue, Alberton East, and Kenneth J, only son of Mr J and the late Mrs Squire, 37 Stephens Avenue, Torrensville.

A newspaper clipping from 1944 "RUNDLE - SQUIRE. - Marriage of Constance M, daughter of Mr and Mrs E M Rundle, Alberton East, and Kenneth J, son of Mr J and the Late Mrs Squire, Torrensville, will be solemnised at Woodville Methodist Church on June 10 at 6:30pm."

A newspaper clipping from 1969 "SQUIRE - RUNDLE. - Graham, Jeffrey and Valerie have much pleasure in announcing the 25th wedding anniversary of their parents Ken and Connie, solemnised at Woodville Methodist Church on June 10 at 6:30pm, by the late Rev J H Pointon." 
SQUIRE, Kenneth John (I19)
122 Lived in and undertook a major restoration of Kellie Castle from 1878. LORIMER, James (I2201)
123 Lived in Liberton, County of Edinburgh. He was alive in 1643 and left descendants in Liberton, Gilmerton and Dalkeith.
(Notes of Robert Riddle Stodart, through Tania Trayner, and Marilyn Raisbeck. Most names have sources cited, but I have not yet checked them. However, much of the early information is listed in 'The Landed Gentry', p1636 unknown edition.) 
STODART, John (I619)
124 M.D. Arthur James (I5680)
125 M.D. STODART, Edward (I869)
126 M.D. Medical Doctor. STODART, Charles (I862)
127 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. STODART, M.M. (I2341)
128 Married after 1936. Dorothy's surname should be either PAGE or BARNETT. Family (F1270)
129 Married as Friederich Grabia DOMASCHENZ, so look for a change of name. GRABIA, Friederick (I1755)
130 Married at the residence of Mr MacBEATH, Point MacLeay, near Meningie. Family (F748)
131 Married Helen Hardie 7 Aug 1798, in Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. BORTHWICK, Charles (I818)
132 Married James Aitken. STODART, Margaret (I841)
133 Married name CURTICE MORRIS, Elizabeth (I1024)
134 Married name MILLER MORRIS, Janet Lawrie (I1032)
135 Married name PANTER MORRIS, Mary Leila (I1033)
136 Married name PEDERSON. PRIEST, Agnes Lucy (I902)
137 Married name ROBERTS MORRIS, Jane (I1025)
138 Master and Governor, Charity school, Redall Hill, Rowley Regis. RANN, Thomas (I914)
139 May have been named Maria. TRELOAR, Mary (I5308)
October 29. ? Mr. James McArthur, an old resident of Mount Gambier, died this morning, after an illness lasting about six months. The deceased, who carried on business as a produce dealer, was 54 years of age. He was born in Argyleshire (Scotland), and came to the district with his
father, the late Mr. P. McArthur, 50 years ago. He left a wife, two daughters, and four sons.
Source: MOUNT GAMBIER. (1903, November 7). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 15. Retrieved February 1, 2017, from 
MCARTHUR, James (I1389)
The death occurred on Monday, June 22, of Mr. Archibald Buchanan, of Commercial Street, Mount Gambier. Although he had not enjoyed the best of health for some weeks, his death was quite unexpected.
Born at "Fair Valley," Square Mile, in 1869, Mr. Buchanan was 67 years of age. His parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Buchanan, and he had resided in Mount Gambier all his life. He is survived by his wife ?youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James Gershom Smith, and leaves four sons?Messrs. A. H., J. S., and H. D., of Mount Gambier, and R. J., of Brunswick Fire Station. Mrs. H. H, Barrett and Mrs. R. H. Charlick, of Adelaide; Mrs. R. H. McFarlane, and Miss Buchanan, of Mount Gambier, are sisters, and Mr. Walter Buchanan, of Yahl, in a brother. This was the fourth death in the family within six months, his brothers John and Peter, and Mrs. J. Gaillard all having died suddenly.
Deceased way a member of the Druid Lodge for 33 years, and was keenly interested in football and coursing. His remains were interred in the Mount Gambier Cemetery on
June 23rd. Rev. H. Douglas Fearon conducted the burial service, and Mr. E. E. James carried out the arrangements. His funeral was attended by a large number of friends, and many beautiful floral tributes were received.
Source: "OBITUARY." Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 - 1954) 9 July 1936: 3. Web. 1 Feb 2017
BUCHANAN, Archibald (I684)
142 Much of this English information has been provided by a newly discovered cousin in a local community group. She kindly loaned me the book 'TRELOAR History 1522-2004', published in 2004 by Peter G Treloar. A copy is in the Genealogy SA library. The book does not include our South Australian connection.
ISBN 0 646 43467 5.
I am verifying as much of our direct lines as I can, through the Findmypast database, Genealogy SA and other sources. 
TRELOWARTH, Wearne (I5312)
143 Name was spelled STODDERT on the register. Witness was John Lawson. STODART, James (I844)
144 No certificates listed in GSA indexes. Possible still birth??? Review. STODART, Thomas (I2500)
145 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F1595)
146 Northern Light.
The ship Northern Light, built in Quebec in 1853 was a three masted Schooner of 1,283 (nm) tons, owned by Lemon and Company and registered in Liverpool, Engand. On the 14th December 1863, during a gale in Port Phillip, the Northern Light was washed ashore on Swan Island, but survived to be refloated on the 19th February 1864. On the voyage bringing our immigrants it departed from Liverpool, England under the command of Captain H.W. Plan on the 7th December 1854 there were 435 immigrants, 104 adult males, 217 females, 48 male children and 66 female children all under the age of 14 years, overseen by the Surgeon Superintendent J.T.S. Jolley. The ship arrived at Port Adelaide after a voyage of 119 days with 432 immigrants on the 9th April 1855 as three of the girls had died.

RANN, John (I30)
147 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. RUNDLE, J. (I330)
148 Note: Lived with Fred and Nora TROWSE after losing Mt Compass farm in bogus land deal. Family (F390)
Mrs. Christina BUCHANAN.
The death occurred on Saturday night of Mrs. Christina Buchanan, a very old and respected resident of the Mount Gambier district. She was the relict of the late Mr. Duncan Buchanan, whom she married in 1857. She has been in failing health for some time, and her death was not altogether unexpected. She was a daughter of the late Mr. Peter McArthur, a pioneer farmer of this district. She came to Australia and landed in Portland with her parents in 1852, then at the age of 13 years. The place of her birth was the Island of Mull, Argylshire, Scotland. She was 84 years of age at the time of her death, and was thus a colonist of 71 years. Mrs. Buchanan a few years ago built a fine house on the Bay-road, and then left the farm in the care of her sons. She was a valued member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, and was well respected by all who knew her. A family of four sons and five daughters survive: Messrs. John, Peter, Archibald, and Walter Buchanan, and Mesdames H. H. Barrett, H. Gaillard, R. H. McFarlane, R. H. Charlick, and Miss M. Buchanan.
The funeral took place yesterday, when the Rev. J. H. Hull officiated at the graveside. Mr. A. J. McCallum had charge of the arrangements. 
MCARTHUR, Christina (I681)
The Late Mr. Duncan BUCHANAN.
- One of the oldest residents of the district passed away on Thursday, Jan. 30 (says the South-Eastern Star of February 1), when Mr. Duncan Buchanan, farmer, died at his residence, Gambier East.
Mr. Buchanan was born at Glendaruel, Argyleshire, Scotland, on May 26, 1819, and when scarcely twenty years of age he showed he was possessed of an adventurous spirit by emigrating to Soutb America, where he engaged in pastoral pursuits near Buenos Ayres and Monte Video. He found the Spanish laws and customs, however, very unjust to English people : Indeed, to every nationality but Spanish. For fourteen years he endured them, and then left the country without even disposing of all his property. He returned to Scotland, but after so long a residence in a warmer region, found the rigorous climate of the old land too much for him, and having spent a year there, sailed for Australia.
That was about 1856. He went direct to the South-East, where his first occupation was that of a stockkeeper for the late Mr. Neil Black. Mr. Buchanan had become an accomplished horseman in South America, and was able to perform feats at Mr. Black's cattle station that few, if any, even in those pioneer days, could rival. He could, for instance, lasso horses or cattle when riding at full gallop, or riding barebacked at full speed lean over and pick up a stock-whip from the ground. No fences that his steed could take daunted him, and the way in whioh he could at high speed thread his way through the dense forests ot that day was wonderful. After a two years' stay at Neil Black's, Mr. Buchanan married a daughter of Mr. P. MacArthur, sen., and took up the farm in Gambier East, about two miles south-east of the town, on which he remained till his death. For some years Mr. A. MacArthur, his brother-ln-Iaw, was a partner with him in the farm. The deceased gentleman leaves a widow, five sons, and an equal number of daughters. Two of the latter are married, one to Mr. H. H. Barrett. J.P., and the other to Mr. H. Gaillard. Mr. Buchanan, who was a member of the Mount Gambier Presbyterian Church, was much respected by all with whom he was acquainted, or who had business dealings with him, his conduct being at all times courteous and unassailable in its honesty.
[South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA: Mon 17 Feb 1890 Page 2, OBITUARY.] 
BUCHANAN, Duncan (I680)
("News" Special wire.) Melbourne, Monday.
Hugh Sunderland Barrett, barrister, died suddenly at Ballarat. He was a Tasmanian, and a son of the late Hugh Barrett, of Hobart.
Transcribed from the Tasmanian News (Hobart, Tas.: 1883-1911) Mon 22 Jun 1908, Page 4. Accessed 11 October 2020. 
BARRETT, Hugh Sutherland (I627)
The death of another old colonist, Mr. William Leaity Morris, of Edwardstown, is reported. Mr. Morris was born in the Parish of Gulvall, near Penzance, Cornwall, in 1807, and thus had reached the ripe old age of 90 years. He and his wife (who has been dead about nine years), with three sons and two daughters, arrived the colony in 1847 in the ship Cressy. They lived in Adelaide for a short time, and then removed to Magill.
Mr. Morris worked at his trade as a wheelwright in the employ of the late Mr. Adamson for a time, and subsequently, after purchasing land in King William-street south, he commenced business there on his own account. It was while carrying on this business that he became so widely known, especially as a waggon builder. After taking the first prize for the first colonial-built waggon in connection with the Agricultural Society's shows his vehicles were much sought after by farmers and carriers of the colony, and the good name he then earned as a tradesman was maintained up to the time of his retirement from business, about 12 years ago.
Mr. Morris never took part in public affairs, being of a retiring disposition, but he was admired by all who came in contact with him for his sterling business integrity and uprightness of character. Four sons and three daughters with their families of 50 grandchildren and 42 great grandchildren survive him.
Transcribed from the Chronicle (Adelaide, SA:1895-1954), Sat 20 Feb 1897, Page 16. Accessed 10 January 2021. 
MORRIS, William Laity (I1016)
The late Mr. Alfred Ocean Chambers, who died at his residence, Teresa street, Norwood, last week, was well known in Adelaide. He was an old colonist, who had experienced the vicissitudes of life on the goldfields and in the bush in Victoria before he settled in this state, nearly 40 years ago.
The deceased gentleman was born, as his second baptismal name suggests, at sea, in 1841. His father, the late Mr. John Chambers, was a schoolmaster, and was on his way to Hobart when his fourth son was born. He settled in Tasmania with his family. He was one of the pioneer temperance advocates in Australia, having signed the pledge in 1832. The late Mr. A. O. Chambers left Tasmania in 1852, and went to Victoria. He at once proceeded to the goldfields, and remained there for about eight years in the capacity of storekeeper's assistant.
In 1865 he came to South Australia, and was employed by Messrs. Harris, Scarfe, & Co. for two years, but was thrown out of work by the commercial depression occasioned by the drought in 1866 and 1867. While he was waiting for an opportunity to secure another situation he conceived the idea of constructing a "commonsense washing machine." He had not had any previous experience as a carpenter, but he succeeded in turning out useful machines, which immediately became popular. He began business as a manufacturer on his own account, and carried on the enterprise for 20 years with success. During that time he perfected several useful mechanical inventions. In 1887 he joined the public service as relieving officer for the city in connection with the Destitute Asylum. He was prominent in literary society work, a foremost member of the baptist Church, and was a lay preacher for a number of years. He was a persistent advocate of total abstinence, and it is said that he was instrumental in securing more than 1,000 pledges. He took an active interest in all kinds of philanthropic work, and the last letter which he wrote to The Register, published on October 12, 1903, was in connection with an appeal he had previously made for monetary assistance for an unfortunate man whom he had befriended.
Mr. Chambers's family consisted of five sons and six daughters.
Transcribed from the Adelaide Observer (SA:1843-1904), 19 December 1903, page 44. Accessed 18 August 2020 
CHAMBERS, Alfred Ocean (I10)
An old resident of the Tatiara and an old colonist, Mrs. Catherine Fisher, died in Adelaide on Monday. Deceased (formerly Miss Catherine Bray) came to South Australia 76 years ago in the ship Trafalgar, on which her mother was matron-in-charge.
Later she was married to Mr. Fisher, and with her husband and family resided in the Adelaide Hills until 1886, when they removed to Tatiara. Mr. Fisher died 22 years ago, and the widow and sons carried on the farm until, on account of failing health, the former went to live in Adelaide.
Mr. A. A. Fisher, of the Tatiara District Council, and Messrs. H. G. and E. H. Fisher, are sons, and there are also Messrs. Rowland; Lavington, and William Fisher, and one daughter - Mrs. T. Price (of Murray Bridge). Mrs. D. Milne, sen., of Bordertown, is a sister.
Transcribed from the Observer (Adelaide, SA:1905-1931), Sat 14 Apr 1928, Page 41 on 19 August 2022.
BRAY, Catherine (I72)
155 Obituary:
Mr. Fred Meincke, who has been associated with him in the carrying trade, was born on the old lightship. When the railway authorities were building the bridge over the Light to carry the railway to Kapunda, Mr. Meincke was sent up as interpreter for the gangs of German workmen employed, and the result was that he settled in Kapunda as carrier for the railway. Excepting for one term as Councillor for West Ward Mr. Meincke did not enter much into the public life of the town, but he was of a charitable disposition and no-one ever appealed to him in vain. He was a subscribing member of Lodge of Light for 43 years, and was a past master of the lodge. His second son (Mr. Julius Meincke) is at present the immediate past master of the lodge. In addition to the widow, there survive six children?Mrs. Evan James and Miss Edith Meincke (Kapunda), Mr. Fred Meincke (Kapunda), Mr. Julius Meincke (Anlaby), Mrs. F. Groth (Boken Hill), and Mrs. Hambly (Mile-End); 27 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren.
Source: The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), Thu 13 Aug 1914, Page 11. 
MEINCKE, Franz Ludwig Rudolph (I16)
156 Obituary:
Mrs Phillipa MEINCKE, an esteemed resident of Kapunda for 60 years, died on August 4. Born at St Austell, Cornwall, in 1835, she came to Australia 20 years later in the ship Trafalgar. Two years after her arrival she married Mr Louis Meincke of Kapunda, who predeceased her. The late Mrs Meincke had a wonderful memory, and could recount conditions which prevailed during the Crimean war. A son - Mr J Langdon (Torrensville) - and four daughters - Mesdames E James (Kapunda), Hambly (Hilltown), Groth (Broken Hill), and Miss Meincke (Kapunda) still survive.
Source: Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931), Sat 14 Aug 1920, Page 31. 
BRAY, Phillipa (I17)
157 Obituary:
Miss Lizzie Chambers, who died at a private hospital recently, at the age of 70. was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ocean Chambers. Her father was a well-known manufacturer in Flinders street, Adelaide, for many years. Miss Chambers was born at Castlemaine, Victoria, and came to Adelaide with her parents when an infant. For the past 20 years she had resided at Unley. She was a member of the Flinders street Baptist Church until her death.
Transcribed from the Chronicle (Adelaide, SA: 1895-1954) 24 May 1934 page 26. Accessed 18 August 2020.
CHAMBERS, Eliza Annie (I175)
158 Obituary:
Mr. John Rann, sen., who for a long time, resided at Port Adelaide, died at his residence, Teatree Gully on Friday. For several years he was a carpenter and builder at the Port. He took keen interest in political and municipal affairs, and for a long time was a councillor in the Port Adelaide Corporation. Much of the success of the Port Adelaide Institute in the early days was due to his untiring energy. He served on the institute committee for a number of years. His remains were conveyed to the Port, and to-day will be interred in the Woodville Cemetery. 
RANN, John (I30)
159 Obituary:
Mr. Richard Musson, a well known Portonian and a colonist of 42 years, died on Saturday. The deceased arrived in this colony in the Omega in 1850, and shortly afterwards settled in North Adelaide, where he remained until the discovery of the Bendigo diggings led him to try his fortune on the goldfields. He did not remain there very long, but returned to Adelaide and entered into business as a contractor. On relinquishing this he went to the Port and entered the employ of the firm of Messrs. J. Hart & Co., afterwards merged into the Adelaide Milling Company, with whom he served until the time of his death, a period of 25 years.
He was highly respected by his employers, who as a testimony of the esteem in which they held him forwarded a letter of condolence to the bereaved family and a wreath to be placed on the grave.
Transcribed from 'The Express and Telegraph' (Adelaide, SA:1867-1922), Mon 15 Feb 1892, Page 3. Accessed 14 February 2021. 
MUSSON, Richard (I433)
160 Obituary: MR. HENRY FIELD MARSH.
The remains of Mr. Henry Field Marsh, who died at his residence at New Town on Sunday, were interred in Cornelian Bay Cemetery yesterday morning, in the presence of a large gathering, including Sir John Evans, M.H.A., the City Treasurer (Mr. F. B. Rattle), who represented the Mayor and aldermen of the Hobart City Council; the State secretary of the Returned Sailors' and Soldiers' Imperial League of Australia (Mr. A. D. Cooper), the president (Mr. A. C. Hirst), and members of the Buckingham Rowing Club. The service was conducted by Rev. F. S. Woods, of Sandy Bay Methodist Church, assisted by Rev. W. C. H. Brenton, of Glenorchy. The chief mourners were Messrs. R. and L. R. Marsh (sons), Charles Marsh (brother), Percy Marsh (nephew), and Dean (of Premaydena, son-in-law). The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Clark and sons Ltd.
Transcribed from TROVE; The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. 1860-1954) Fri 22 Apr 1932 Page 4 . 
MARSH, Henry Field (I3299)
161 Obituary: Malcolm Clair KEIGHTLEY.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Keightley, of Mizpah avenue, Unley, have been notified that their youngest son, WO Malcolm C. Keightley, 22, is reported missing, believed to have lost his life while engaged in strafing and bombing a bridge in Burma on April 24. WO Keightley joined the RAAF in June, 1941, left for overseas in 1943. and arrived in India in March, 1944. He was educated at the Adelaide High School, and was on office staff of Angliss and Co. before enlisting.
Two brothers, Maurice and Ray, are in the AIF serving abroad. His engagement to Miss Mary Norton, of Hyde Park, was recently announced.
Transcribed from The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA:1931-1954), Saturday 5 May 1945, Page 11. Accessed in Trove 11 April 2020. 
KEIGHTLEY, Malcolm Clair (I41)
162 Obituary: MR. D. S. KEIGHTLEY
Mr D. S. Keightley, 66, of Angaston, died yesterday morning after a long illness, and final tributes will be paid with a feeling that he will live on in the many things of community value he so unselfishly helped to create.
Born in the district, he was allied with Mr Ohlmeyer in his younger days, and then acquired and built up his Angaston business with the unfailing help of Mrs Keightley, formerly Miss Florence Sleader, who devotedly nursed him during his long illness.
He was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1921, and around that time did splendid work toward establishment of the District Hospital, of which he was chairman at time of the officiol opening in 1921. After 21 years in office, he retired in 1942, and was presented with an illuminated address. The Institute, too, profited by his help and vision, for he was one of the founders of the Pictures in 1914, and was Institute president from 1922 till 1924.
He was first secretary of the bowling club long before the greens were laid, and went on to win a top place among trophy winners. Later he became president, and growth of the club was akin to that of the Institute during his able leadership. He was a Past Master of Barossa Masonic Lodge, and the scope of his community interest reached also to the young people to whom he lent valuable guidance in the days when debating and constructive thinking were vital elements.
D.S.K. has passed on, but it can be said of him that the path he trod bears the fragrance of affection and appreciation for the inspiration and good he wrought. Left with Mrs Keightley are two sons: Ronald, Adelaide; and Graham, Angaston. The funeral takes place today.
Transcribed from The Leader (Angaston, SA:1918-1954), Thursday 2 Nov 1950, Page 8. Accessed through Trove, 11 April 2020. 
KEIGHTLEY, Douglas Stewart (I367)
Mr. Herbert Keightley, who died on Wednesday, aged 84, was the oldest commercial traveller in active service in the State. He had been for the last 40 years engaged in traveiling for wine businesses.
For many years he travelled for the Katanning vineyards, and latterly represented 'Auldana.' He despised motor cars and did most of his rounds on foot.
Transcribed from:
STATE'S OLDEST TRAVELLER DIES (1934, June 9). Mirror (Perth, WA : 1921 - 1956), p. 4. Retrieved March 3, 2018, from 
KEIGHTLEY, Herbert (I8)
164 Occupation butcher, of Harewood. BARRITT, Abraham (I1046)
165 Occupation butcher. Church warden at All Saints Church, Kirkby Overblow, 1777 to 1780. BARRETT, Hugh (I1042)
166 Occupation merchant. BARRETT, John Field (I634)
167 Occupation miller. NORFOLK, William (I1048)
168 Occupations Baker and Grocer. Business name was 'Burgess and Barrett'.
MHA for Hobart from 27 October 1866 till January 1871. 
BARRETT, Hugh Sutherland (I627)
169 of Cardrona Mains. IGI lists Thomas as Thomas Biggershields STODART. STODART, Thomas (I823)
170 of Carmston, Lanarkshire. THOMSON, John (I2889)
171 Of Drummelzier. STODART, James (I873)
172 Of Easton. STODART, David (I128)
173 of Echlin WILKE, Agnes (I61)
174 of Kevock Mill and Hyvots Mill. He left descendants at Edgefield and Loanhead.
(Notes of Robert Riddle Stodart, through Tania Trayner, and Marilyn Raisbeck.)
STODART, Patrick (I100)
175 Of Oliver. STODART, Thomas Tweedie (I2119)
176 of Quarter. TWEEDIE, Thomas (I822)
177 Of the parish of St James. STODART, William (I142)
178 Of the Royal Navy. Captain of the Great Eastern, laid the first Atlantic cable. STODART, Capt. Percy (I2099)
179 Oliver ran his father's farm Banyena with his brother Oscar when Thomas took most of his family to St Arnaud for schooling in 1924. Oliver remained a bachelor. BRAY, Oliver (I4974)
180 One of nine siblings.
Info from Malcolm SINCLAIR, in June 2012. 
MUNRO, William Donald (I1510)
181 or Johanna. TRELOAR, Joan (I5324)
182 Original Birth Certificate held, dated 10 September 2010. Image Ref Boxold0001.
Born 5 June 1922 at 127 Mary Vale Road, Bournville. Parents James Henry Edward Boxold and Grace Boxold nee Breininger. Father's occupation Builders Clerk. Informant Grace Boxold mother 127 Maryvale Road, Bournville. Registered 19 June 1922. 
BOXOLD, Howard Reginald (I305)
183 Oscar and his brother Oliver were left to run the farm at Banyena Victoria, when father Thomas returned to St Arnaud in 1924. This enabled Thomas to enable his younger children to attend school. Oscar's sister Floss cooked on the farm till Oscar married Ella SMITH in 1933.
Oscar was about 25 years when he moved to his own farm of 300 acres, at Coonooer West. He later leased a further 400 acres.
Oscar died as a result of an accident involving his horse powered ploughing equipment. He fell from the seat when light was reflected from a passing car window. He got out from under the harvester, unhitched the six horses, and was then taken to a Doctor. He died two days later with a punctured lung. 
BRAY, Oscar (I4973)
184 Peter worked in the SA railways as a fitter & turner, served with a special Railway unit in France in WW1 and was a foreman fitter and turner until he retired to concentrate on his bowls, gardening & travelling.
Info from Malcolm SINCLAIR, June 2012. 
SINCLAIR, Peter Clarence (I1493)
185 Probably died young. STODART, Patrick (I810)
186 Query - first children birth dates not consistent with 1841 Census. GILL, James (I796)
187 Query - first children birth dates not consistent with 1841 Census. GILL, Eliza (I3507)
188 R.N. STODART, George (I851)
189 Ramshead is either a middle name or a location where he lived. STODART, Matthew (I875)
190 Referred to as Mary TWEEDIE of Quarter. TWEEDIE, Mary (I129)
191 Residence 55 Somerset Street, Duffy. ACT LANGDON, Rodney John (I91)
192 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SQUIRE, G.K. (I18)
193 Robert moved to London and was a pianoforte maker. STODART, Robert (I131)
194 Robert moved to Tasmania, Australia by 1823. STODART, Dr Robert (I850)
195 SA Birth record :
Ada Muriel SUTTON (F) 8 Nov 1891, Norton?s Summit dist Norwood (b491 p8)
par. Edwin Harlow SUTTON and Margaret Anne STODART 
SUTTON, Ada Muriel (I1365)
196 SA Birth record :
Alfred TROWSE (M) 20 March 1909, Knightsbridge dist Norwood (b818 p362). par. Alfred TROWSE and Mary Jane EAKINS 
TROWSE, Alfred (I1357)
197 SA Birth record :
Annie Margaret GOLDSACK (F) 10 Sep 1880, Glen Osmond dist Adelaide (b246 p357)
par. George GOLDSACK and Ellen Jane GRYLLS 
GOLDSACK, Annie Margaret (I1380)
198 SA Birth record :
Benjamin Hurtle SUTTON (M) 16 Mar 1860, Third Creek dist Adelaide (b15 p323)
par. William Henry SUTTON and Emma Collins 
SUTTON, Benjamin Hurtle (I1373)
199 SA Birth record :
Bessie Roberta STODART (F) 16 Nov 1900, Gilbert Town dist Adelaide (b668 p78)
par. John Andrew STODART & Margaret Johnston ROBERTSON 
STODART, Bessie Roberta (I1323)
200 SA Birth record :
Edgar Charles STODART (M) 15 May 1898,Glen Osmond dist Norwood (b622 p383)
par. John Andrew STODART & Margaret Johnston ROBERTSON 
STODART, Edgar Charles (I1321)

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