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201 SA Birth record :
Marian Winifred STODART (F) 7 Aug 1910 New Parkside dist Adelaide (b848 p203)
par. George McLean STODART & Eleanor SADLER 
STODART, Marian Winfred (I1331)
202 SA Birth record :
Mary Ann STODART (F) 8 Apr 1870, Adelaide dist Adelaide (b84 p222)
par. John Benham STODART & Jessie Morrison McLEAN 
STODART, Mary Ann (I1299)
203 SA Birth record :
Mary TROWSE (F) 7 June 1903, Knightsbridge dist Norwood (b713 p466)
par. Alfred TROWSE and Mary Jane EAKINS 
TROWSE, Mary (I1354)
204 SA Birth record :
Myrtle STODART (F) 15 Jun 1903, North Adelaide dist Adelaide (b714 p138)
par. John Andrew STODART & Margaret Johnston ROBERTSON 
STODART, Myrtle (I1325)
205 SA Birth record :
Nora Benham STODART (F) 17 Mar 1904, New Glenelg dist Adelaide (b727 p48)
par. Laurence Alexander STODART & Elizabeth Maria LOVICK 
STODART, Nora Benham (I1305)
206 SA Birth record :
Ralph Collins SUTTON (M) 25 Sep 1849, S1065 C Adelaide dist Adelaide (b3 p20)
par. William Henry SUTTON and Emma COLLINS 
SUTTON, Ralph Collins (I1369)
207 SA Birth record :
Robert TROWSE (M) 16 Nov 1911, Tusmore Park dist Norwood (b876 p158)
par. Alfred TROWSE and Mary Jane EAKINS 
TROWSE, Robert (I1358)
208 SA Birth record :
Roy Alexander STODART (M) 19 Jan 1897, Glen Osmond dist Norwood (b597 p244)
par. John Andrew STODART & Margaret Johnston ROBERTSON 
STODART, Roy Alexander (I1320)
209 SA Birth record :
Stella Mary GOLDSACK (F) 8 Sep 1878, Glen Osmond dist Adelaide (b207 p459)
par. George GOLDSACK and Ellen Jane GRYLLS 
GOLDSACK, Stella Mary (I1379)
210 SA Birth record :
William Henry SUTTON (M) 11 Mar 1886, Norton?s Summit dist Norwood (b371 p21)
par. Edwin Harlow SUTTON and Margaret Anne STODART 
SUTTON, William Henry (I1362)
211 SA Marriage index :
James Grylls GOLDSACK 26y S (f George GOLDSACK) m 26 Jul 1899
Jessie Dale STODART 33y S (f John Benham STODART)
At St Saviour church Glen Osmond dist Norwood (b200 p265)

Family F402
212 SA Marriage record :
Edwin Charles STODART 29y S (f John Benbow STODART) m 29 Oct 1901 (Benham??)
Caroline Jane CORRELL 24y S (f Robert CORRELL)
At res of Mr CORRELL Parkside dist Adelaide (b209 p413)

Family F395
213 SA Marriage record :
Edwin Harlow SUTTON 24y S (f William Henry SUTTON) m 23 Dec 1884
Margaret Ann STODART 21y S (John Bentham STODART) (Benham??)
At St Saviours Glen Osmond dist Norwood (b141 p1003)

Family F400
214 SA Marriage record :
George McLean STODART 29y S (f John Benham STODART) m 13 Mar 1906
Eleanor SADLER 25y S (f Nathan SADLER)
At St Pauls Church Adelaide dist Adelaide (b226 p1022)
Family F396
215 SA Marriage record :
John Andrew STODART 26y S (f John Benjamin STODART) m 21 Feb 1894 (Benham??)
Margaret Johnston ROBERTSON 22y S (f Alexander Robertson)
Res of Alexander ROBERTSON Oakbank dist Nairne (b178 p688)

Family F394
216 Service No. 2821, Private Eric Henry CHAMBERS AIF 10th Battalion. At Somme. CHAMBERS, Eric Henry Hawkins (I645)
217 She married the Rev Bryson LITTLE. STODART, Katherine (I837)
218 She married William Mitchell. STODART, Anna (I107)
219 Solicitor in London. MIDDLETON, John (I2478)
220 Some information on this family provided by Carolyn Drabble - many thanks HUGHES, Charlotte Jane (I1346)
221 Some information provided by Margaret FLYNN. BARRETT, William (I1064)
222 Some of this information was provided by Carolyn Drabble. STODART, Arthur George (I2487)
223 Sourced from Laurence Tilley, Facebook. Ray was part of this offensive, as a member of an Engineer Company. Accessed 5 October 2020.
Hell in the tropics; Jungle covered hills and swamps of Labuan Island.
'The Battle of Labuan Island'. Elements from one of Australia's finest Divisions the 9th against Imperial Japanese forces on the island of Labuan off Borneo during June 1945. It formed part of the Australian invasion of North Borneo, and was initiated by the Allied forces as part of a plan to capture the Brunei Bay area and build a base for the British Pacific Fleet. The Islands airstrips would be built into a base. Supply and command centers would be constructed all to support future offensives.
Personal for the offensive would come from the Australian 9th Divisions 24 Brigade, and the 20th Brigade. The main combat units would be the 2/28th and 2/43rd Battalions, the 2/32nd Battalion was assigned as a reserve force, along with the 2/11th Commando Squadron, the 2/12th Field Regiment, the 2/9th Amoured Regiment, (equipped with Matilda Tanks and 'Frog' flame thrower Matilda tanks, the 2/2nd Machine Gun Battalion, and a range of engineer, signals and logistics units.
The RAAF and USAF and the United States Navy and the Royal Australian Navy had performed limited bombardment of the Island since May 3rd in preparation for the invasion.
The convoy carrying the 9th Division left Morotai on 4 June and experienced another form of hell from cramped conditions aboard the transport ships, the heat and high humidity making conditions unbearable. The convoy reached Brunei Bay before dawn on 10 June. The main body of the convoy anchored off Labuan.
A heavy bombardment of the beach by cruisers, destroyers, and rocket ships was carried out prior to the landing.
the Australian came ashore unopposed.
The landings on Brunei Beach began on June the 10th, 1945.
The elements of the 24th Brigade, two battalions, 2/28th and the 2/43rd (approx 750 men) hit the beach. The 2/28th from the west, and 2/43rd from the East.
The 2/32nd Battalion and the 2/11th Commando Squadron were left embarked as reserves.
The 2/28th were given the objective of securing the town and the high ground at Victoria hill, and flagstaff hill respectively.
Before they could reach their objective, the 2/28th fought a savage battle at a canal (28 metres wide by 1.5 metres deep) the canal was guarded by a machine gun bunker, on clearing that after heavy fighting they continued on their way to their objective. they fought their way to an area of the hills the troops named 'the Pocket". The main terrain features within the Pocket were three jungle covered areas of high ground named Lushington Ridge, Norman Ridge and Lyon Ridge. The entire area was literally covered in mine fields, booby traps and machine gun bunkers. A a large swamp prohibited movements making it difficult to move the 2/11th forward. The resistance in the hills was so strong, Tanks and "Frog"flame thrower Matilda tanks were moved forward, Artillery, the (2/12th infantry unloaded 200 tons of 25 pounder ammo onto the Pocket whilst heavy machine gun units were moved forward. The main Japanese Garrison had dug in here.
The Japanese opened up with all they had, and they had a lot, so much that the advance was halted whilst the RAAF was called in to lay a heavy bombardment on the hills.
Days of extremely savage and intense fighting took place by both C & D companies of the 2/28th Battalion, they were really amongst it,
Fighting against a well dug in and heavily supported enemy. The Pocket was finally taken on June 21 finally the whole Island was in Australian Hands.
This Infantry Battalion saw more heavy action than any others during the Campaign.
Of the more than 380 dead Japanese troops killed in the Invasion, more than 250 Japanese lay dead in the 'Pocket'; approximately 20 light and heavy machine guns were captured along with many light and heavy mortars.
In the meanwhile The 2/43rd Battalion would would capture the airfield located north of Victoria, designated "No. 1 Strip" by the Australians. By June 13th the main airport on Labuan had been taken and most of the island was in Australian hands The 2/43rd Battalion went on to take the second strip, the temporary airstrip at Timbalai on Labuan's west coast. From then on the 2/43rd patrolled the island. cleaning up pockets of resistance whilst securing the operation.
The 2/11th Commando's had come ashore during this time and captured Victoria Harbour with what they called 'light resistance'. The Commandos then moved into the town of Labuan and joined up with the 2/32nd in reserve. From June 21st the Commando Regiment would be used to patrol the Island and clean up any small pockets of resistance left. They would be involved with Topography work and other skilled work.
They would go on to kill 27 Japanese soldiers.
Again all Europeans on the Island of Labuan were executed by the Japanese. whilst labourers were starved to death in work parties
Only 11 Japanese were captured during the whole campaign on Labuan Island. I wonder why! 
KEIGHTLEY, Raymond Stodart (I2)
224 Stonemason. HUGHES, William Frederick (I1334)
225 Suceeded his Uncle Robert in the pianoforte business in London. STODART, William (I142)
226 Surname changed to BARRETT for later generations BARRITT, Abraham (I1046)
227 Tenant of Bilstone and farmer in Loanhead. Said to have left 80-100 descendants (Notes of Robert Riddle Stodart, through Tania Trayner, and Marilyn Raisbeck. Also on the website of Alasdair Broun -
STODART, James (I102)
228 Tenant of Kevock Mill, Lassade.
(Notes of Robert Riddle Stodart, through Tania Trayner, and Marilyn Raisbeck. Also recorded in 'Memoir of James Wyld' of Gilston, and his family, with section on Robert Stodart.)
STODART, James (I97)
229 The Biographical Index for South Australians contains the following entry for Charles :
PRIEST Charles, par. George and Lucy nee WARD. b 17 Oct 1858 Nth Adelaide SA, d 7 Apr 1900, Adelaide SA. Occ butcher. Res North Adelaide, Kilburn. Rel Methodist. m Sarah Jane nee CRETTENDEN. Par William John and Maud nee CONNOR. b 15 Jun 1860 Adelaide SA. d 16 May 1927. Ch Gilbert, Lucy, Eva, Norman, Evelyn. 
PRIEST, Charles (I728)
230 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for George :

Born 1804, Grantham, Lin, England. Died 30 March 1889. Buried at Walkerville Cemetery. He arrived in Australia in 1851 on the "OMEGA". His occupations were bricklayer, plasterer. His residence is North Adelaide. Religion is Methodist. He married Francis, born about 1804, and died 13 June 1893. Their children were George (1827 - 1910), James (1830 - 1865), John ( c1834 - 1897), Charles William (c1840 - 1911), and Emma Michel (1844 - ).

PRIEST, George (I506)
231 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for George :
His parents were George and Frances. Born 7 August 1827, at Grantham, Lin, England. Died 30 April 1910, at North Adelaide. Buried at Walkerville Cemetery. Arrived at Port Adelaide aboard "SEA QUEEN". Occupations were mason, plasterer, builder, farmer. His residence was at North Adelaide. His religion was Methodist. His first of three marriages was on 15 May 1849, at Grantham Lin, England, to Lucy Ann nee Ward. Her father was William. She was born June 1826 at Grantham, Lin, England, and died 6 August 1879, at North Adelaide. There children were Mary Frances (1850 - 1874), George William (1852 - 1920), Charles Edward (1855 - 1855), Lucy Ann (1856 - 1935), Charles (1858 - 1900), James Edward (1861- 1931), John Ward (1864 - 1948), Albert Henry (1873 - 1874). The second of three marriages was to Honor Letcher nee Williams born 1839 and died 25 March 1887, at North Adelaide. They had one child, Albert Henry, born 1880. The third marriage was to Eliza nee Bowden born 1827, died 21 August 1902, at North Adelaide.
PRIEST, George (I721)
232 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for George William :
PRIEST George William, parents George and Lucy Ann nee WARD. b 4 May 1852 North Adelaide, SA d 18 Sep 1920 Adelaide SA. Buried West Terrace Cemetery. Occ Carpenter. Res Goodwood, Forrestville. Rel Congregationalist.
m 25 Oct 1881 Happy Valley SA, Sarah Ann nee STRONG, par John and Mary Ann nee BAKER. b 7 May 1857 Happy Valley SA, d 28 May 1947 Goodwood, SA.
Ch Alfred George (1883-1955), Ernest William (1885-1961), James Arthur (1886-1956), Alice Lucy (1888-1962), Hedley John (1890-1962), Percy Charles (1891-1976), Lesley Roy (1895-1971). 
PRIEST, George William (I725)
233 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for James :

Parents were George and Frances. Born in 1830, at Grantham, Lin. England. Died 29 Sept 1865, at Walkerville. He arrived at Pt Adelaide in 1851, aboard the "OMEGA". His occupation was bricklayer. His residence was Adelaide. He married Matilda, who was born in 1833. Their children were Charles Edward (1854 - 1855), John (1858 - 1860), and James Clements (1860 - 1864). 
PRIEST, James (I508)
234 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for John :
PRIEST Charles William par George and Frances. b 7 Mar 1839, Grantham, Lincoln, England. d Feb 1911. Arr 1851 OMEGA. occ Land Estate Agent, Auctioneer. Res Parkside, North Adelaide, Glenelg, Maylands. rel Methodist. m 1865. ch Charles William, Arthur Richard, another son and two daughters. 
PRIEST, Charles William (I511)
235 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for John :
Born c1823, Lan Eng. Arrived in Australia in 1855 aboard the "Northern Light". His occupation was a carpenter. His residence was at Port Adelaide (Portland Estate). Religion was Church of England. He married Sarah Anne STANLEY, who was born c1827.Their children were John Albert (c1846 - ), Richard (c1853 - ), Sarah Jane Northern Light and Louisa (1862 - 1938). 
RANN, John (I30)
236 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for John :
Parents were George and Frances. Born in 1834, at Grantham, Lin. England. Died 5 April 1897, at North Adelaide. He is buried at Walkerville Cemetery. He arrived at Pt Adelaide in 1851, aboard the "OMEGA". His occupations were bricklayer, builder and mason. His residences were at North Adelaide and Adelaide. He married Fanny, who was born in about 1834, and died on 7 June 1895. Their children were Annie E Stuttley (1856 - 1916), Mary Elizabeth ( - 1860), and Martha Sarah Timmins (1867 - 1958).
PRIEST, John (I509)
237 The Biographical Index of South Australia contains the following entry for John Ward PRIEST:
PRIEST John Ward par George and Lucy Ann nee WARD. b 30 Jun 1864, North Adelaide, SA. d 1948 Prospect, SA. B Dudley Park Cemetery, SA. occ Mason. res North Adelaide, Lyrup, Prospect. rel Baptist.
m (1/2) 22 Aug 1887, North Adelaide, SA. Aviss Ann nee WHALEY par William and Sarah Jane nee JACKMAN. b 1866.
ch Leonard John W (1887-1906).
m (2/2) 12 Aug 1891 Linwood SA. Christina nee BALD par James and Agnes nee RITCHIE b 21 Jan 1866 Linwood SA. d 1950 Prospect, SA.
ch Elsie May R DAY (1892-), Agnes Lucy PEDERSON (1894-), George James (1896-). 
PRIEST, John Ward (I730)
238 The Biographical Index of South Australians contains the following entry for Richard :
Born 1829, at Lin. England. He died after 1878. Arrived in Australia in 1851 on the "Omega". His occupation was mason and carpenter. He married by 1851, Frances (Fanny) nee Priest, who was born in 1825. Children were Fannie Rann (b. 1862).
MUSSON, Richard (I433)
In the Watch of Saturday we furnished some particulars relative to the late Mr. Peter MacArthur, farmer, of Greenvale, but because of the very late hour at which the news of his death was received several interesting facts were omitted. As stated, he was born in Mull, Argyleshire, Scotland, in 1806, and was thus at the time of liis death 86 years of age. On December 4,1852, he landed with his wife and family at Portland, in the ship Marmion of New York, and came at once to this district. For three or four years he was employed at Compton and elsewhere, and was one of the first who ever ploughed land in the neighbourhood, having ploughed a field for the late Dr, Wehl one or two years after his arrival. Thirty-seven years ago he started farming on his own account, having secured the block of ground which he subsequently called Greenvale. He prospered, and became one of the best-to-do agriculturists in the district. It was only a few years ago that advancing age compelled him to relinquish the pursuit, although he might, as far as circumstances were concerned, have entered upon a life of leisure many years before. As time went on his family grew up and settled down, most of them in the South-East. Mr, MacArthur was three times married, and his family in this country consisted of seven sons and five daughters, ten of whom survive him. His sons John and Neil died several years ago. At present there is no family in the Soutn-East that has so wide a connection as that of the late Mr. MacArthur, or that is so numerous. Besides his five surviving sons (Messrs. Archibald, Donald, James, Charles, and Dugald MacArthur) and five daughters (Mesdames William Sinclair, A. Buchanan, P. Sinclair, J. Smith, and R. Carrison), there are 76 grandchildren and 35 gieat grandchildren of the deceased living, making a total of 121. The deceased took no part in public affairs, but was widely respected socially and in business. His funeral on Sunday afternoon was largely attended, not withstanding that it took place in the midst of a steady rain, a fact which indicated very clearly the esteem in which he and his family were held. The Rev. R. A. Caldwell, of whose church the deceased was for many years a member, conducted the funeral service.
[Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861-1954) Wed 31 Aug 1892 Page 3]. Accessed Trove 23 Jan 2017. 
MCARTHUR, Peter (I709)
240 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1022
241 There are supposedly five children, but only two are listed . . . Family F260
242 There is a note that John had 6 daughters with Marion Lind. STODART, John (I119)
243 There is an entry in the SA Biographical Index :
RUNDLE William, Religion Wesleyan. Married 11/3/1878 Wallaroo SA, Ann nee MORRIS.

RUNDLE, Edwin Morris (I23)
244 There is no record of a death notice for 2 December 1974. This info was given to me some decades ago. It is possible she remarried a Mr SIMONS and died 21 September 1981. age 79 years. This notice was published in The Advertiser 23 September 1981. JS PAVY, Sarah Christina (I1142)
245 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F440
246 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F441
247 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F439
248 Unmarried. STODART, George Tweedie (I2120)
249 Unmarried. A Medical Doctor. STODART, Dr. Alexander (I2121)
250 Was a master bookbinder. HOLBROOKE, Samuel (I923)
251 Was a miller at Cairntown, Liberton, and left descendants.
(Notes of Robert Riddle Stodart, through Tania Trayner, and Marilyn Raisbeck.) 
STODART, Walter S (I806)
The anticipatry welcome we offered to Mr. Rann on his return home, was followed by a pleasant gathering of the members of the Port Adelaide Christy Ministrels, at Mr. Spritch's Wharf Hotel, Port Adelaide, on Tuesday night. After a very capital dinner (which reflected very great credit on the Host) over which His Worship the Mayor presided, Mr. Mussared being in the Vice-Chair, the Toast of the evening was given by the Chairman. He said Mr. Rann was the son of a respected old colonist, and had returned to the colony after his visit with new feelings of an attachment to the place. He had known the guest from boyhood, and he had taken an active interest in manly sports, and had been Secretary of a popular institution, whose object had been to aid the needy and whose mission he was he was glad to say had been most successful, though in though in fairness he must say that he thought it was mainly through the energy of the Secretary (applause.) The complement paid Mr. Rann was one which would also show the respect in which his honoured parents were held. The toast was received with musical honours. The Vice-Chairman, on behalf of the Port Christys, warmly endorsed the complement. Mr. J. A. Rann, received with cheers, very briefly expressed his gratitude to the expressions of kindness given.
He had had a pleasant trip to England, and was glad to return to South Australia. (Cheers). Several other toasts, including that of "The Host and Hostess" and "The Press," "The Ladies", &c., were honoured, and the proceedings, varied by some capital songs, ended at an early hour.
Transcribed from "The Pt Adelaide News", 30 March 1881, page 5. Extracted from Trove 11 July 2020. 
RANN, John Albert (I28)
253 With his brother, he suceeded his Uncle in the pianoforte business in Golden Square, London. STODART, Matthew (I136)
254 Witness for birth cert. was George STODART. STODART, Marion (I846)
255 Witnesses were George STODART and ? TWEEDIE, John BRADFUTE. Administrator John BRADFUTE. Family F617
256 Writer to the Signet. For many years he was a Councillor and Magistrate in Edinburgh. STODART, John Riddle (I863)
257 [Surname as recorded on the original parish register, sighted on Familysearch]. PASCOE, Elizabeth (I4466)

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