Rev. Julian Edmund TENISON WOODS

F.L.S., F.P.S., F.G.S., F.R.G.S, F.R.S., VIC.
Honorary Member Royal Asiatic Society.
President (1880 and 1881) of the Linnaean Society of New South Wales.
Missionary Priest.
Founder of the (Australian) Sisters of St Joseph and of the (Australian) Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

About Rev Julian Edmund TENISON WOODS

To be written eventually, but there is plenty written elsewhere about his pastoral and missionary work. It is hoped that these papers will eventually be hosted by the Tenison Woods College, Mt Gambier.

Using These Pages

I am progressively digitising each paper written by the Rev Julian TENISON WOODS, from paper photocopies to provide both text and PDF format copies. You will be able to download and save these papers. You can also read a text copy if you wish. Note that this process relies on my OCR software making an accurate conversion of the text so that it is searchable. We are proof-reading twice, but there may still be the occasional transcription error.

These articles and papers have been provided by Mr F ASLIN of Mt Gambier, who sourced and photocopied them over the past 20 years, from various libraries.  The production of these pages is by Jan SQUIRE, Adelaide. We started adding papers in 2018, and hope to finish in 2021. All articles are out of Copyright.

Summary of Tenison Woods Scientific Papers:

In 1929, the Rev. George O'NEILL S.J., M.A., published a book on the life of the Reverend Julian Edmund TENISON WOODS. In Appendix I, there is a list of his scientific writings in chronological order, including O'NEILL'S numbering system. The list is reproduced here, and I am adding notes as to the status of the article on this website. The notes include whether we have a suitable document for scanning, OCR status, whether the text and PDF has been uploaded, and the proof-reading status.

Note also that not every paper is included in O'NEILL's list, but we are trying to provide a complete set of papers.
  Appendix I of the life of Rev. J. E. TENISON WOODS [work in progress - text and info being added]


List of Journal papers in date order, by publication:
Please click on one of the Journals listed below to open a page to see the list of Tenison Woods' papers in that Journal (this is a work in progress).

  Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales

  The Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria, Journal:

  Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, Journal:

  Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania, Journal:

  Geological Society of London, Quarterly Journal:

  The Geological Magazine, London:

  The Linnean Society of New South Wales

   Philosophical Society of Adelaide, South Australia

  The London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science

  Proceedings of the Queensland Philosophical Society

  Published in Other Ways

  Privately Published:


List of other papers published in the Press, etc

  The South Australian Register


List of all Papers written and published by Julian TENISON WOODS, in year order