The Country Squire - Jan's life, her story, experiences and skills.

The sub headings in the above menu drop-down allow you home in on aspects of my life that may interest you. The heading 'this is Jan' will give you a fairy complete biography of me. The following short summary may give you a clue if you are trying to find out if you know me, or whether we may have met.

 I was born in Torrensville, and spent two years at the Thebarton Infant School. My primary education was at Linden Park Primary school, after we moved to Glenside, then Beaumont, then Toorak Gardens. My parents were Ken and Connie Squire (nee Rundle), and I have a brother Jeff, and a sister Val. Secondary schooling was at Adelaide Boys High School. I was male and known as Graham during this time.

I did not do brilliantly at school, and left after year 10. In December 1962, I sat the Commonwealth Public Service entry exam, came fifth out of about 5,000 who sat the exam, and was offered a job with the P.M.G. almost immediately. I delivered telegrams, became a telephone sales clark, a policy researcher/writer/guru, and later an accountant. I took a redundancy package 29 years later in November 1991. During this time, I studied in the evenings to pass years 10, 11 and 12, then completed my Economics degree, and my CPA accounting designation.

The next major part of my life began on 29 August 1970, when I married Anne Keightley. We firstly lived in Glandore while building a house in Belair, moving to Hawthorndene in 1986, and later to Harrogate in July 1995. As a family, we had two boys, Mike and Chris. We became foster parents in 1978, continuing till about 2005. We had children in emergency situations, provided respite care, and took two boys for long term care (one at a time though), both in wheelchairs.

From 1982 till about 1992, I was Treasurer of the Belair Scout Group's Parents Committee. From 1993 till 2003, I was Treasurer of Down Syndrome Society of SA. I also became a member of Genealogy SA in 1981. I carried out a major house extension in 1986, and owner built a large house at Harrogate from 1994.

From about age 8, I had issues with how I saw myself. I thought of myself as a girl, but this confused me because I was not. By about age 25, I realised if I were female, my feelings made sense. I confided my feelings to Anne in 1980, but had an on-going major identity crisis from about 1990. In 1995, I had to resolve my identity conflicts, eventually to live as Jan from 1997.

To be continued.