Genealogy Learning

The purpose of this series is to digitise my learning notes from my studies with The National Institute of Genealogical Studies (NIGS). I have attained the Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (PLCGS), in English and Australian records. I have to limit access to these pages to protect the copyright of NIGS. You are welcome to ask about about login access to read these pages, for review or educational purposes.

My approach to genealogy research and recording is rather pragmatic. I have one, maybe two decades left on this earth, and have far more work I want to do than I can possibly accomplish. My priorities are to continue my research areas, documenting information I can reasonably prove, leave my records in a way that another person or Society might be able to follow, and find secure succession paths for each main family line. This, plus my programming and family interests.

I have provided links below to my study papers, by subject, but note this is a work in progress. I have a PDF copy of each subject paper, which is stored on my computers and in the cloud.


Methodology Part 1 - Getting Started - Read the text 

Methodology Part 2 - Organising and Skill-Building - Read the text 

Methodology Part 3 - More Strategies - Read the text 

Methodology Part 4 - Effective Searching and Recording - Read the text 

Methodology Part 5 - How to Prove it? - Read the text 

Methodology Part 6 - Professional Preparation and Practice - Read the text 

Analysis and Skills Mentoring Part 1 - Read the text 

Analysis and Skills Mentoring Part 2 - Read the text

Analysis and Skills Mentoring Part 3 - Read the text 



Birth, Death and Marriage Records Read the text

Church Records Read the text

Convict Records Read the text

Education Records  - Read the text

Health Records  - Read the text

Local History and Regional Sources  - Read the text

Immigration Records - Free Settlers  - Read the text

Military Records  - Read the text

Newspapers and Biographies  - Read the text

Occupational Records  - Read the text

Other Sources for Birth, Death and Marriage Records  - Read the text



Census Records  - Read the text 

Civil Registration Records  - Read the text 

Court Records  - Read the text 

Education, Health and Contemporary Records  - Read the text 

Non-Anglican Church Records Records  - Read the text 

Occupations, Professions and Trades  - Read the text 

Occupations, the Services  - Read the text 

Parish Registers  - Read the text 

Poor Law and Parish Chest Records  - Read the text 

Probate Records  - Read the text 

Taxes, Lists, Business, Electoral and Insurance Records  - Read the text 

Understanding Names in Genealogy  - Read the text 



German Records  - Read the text 



Special Aspects of Scottish Records  - Read the text  

Statutory Registration  - Read the text  



Vital Records  - Read the text 


   Other Subjects

Creating Your Family Website - Read the text

Electronic Resources: Using the Internet - Read the text

Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines - Read the text

Genetics and Genealogy - Read the text

Google for the Wise Genealogist - Read the text

Organising a One-Name Study - Read the text

Palaeography - Read the text  |  PDF (Included because the graphics of old-style printing are not in the text pages - password required)

Photography; Clues that Pictures Hold, Editing, Digitising and Various Projects - Read the text

Research from Family History Centre to FamilySearch - Read the text

Skills:Transcribing, Abstracting and Extracting - Read the text


The following are some of the main sections covered in my studies:

Genealogy Methodology

  • Getting started
  • Organising
  • Strategies
  • Searching and recording
  • Proof
  • Being professional



Sources and documentation


Genealogy On-line

Local research

  • South Australia
  • Other Australia
  • England
  • other Europe

History of genealogy


Document care and preservation

Photographs and photography


One name studies

Social media:

  •   Facebook groups and own Timeline
  •   LinkedIn
  •   Email groups

Community involvement

Major search websites

  • Findmypast
  • Ancestry
  • Family Search

Links to resources

(South Australia, other Australia, England, other Europe)